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Some Background Information

We have all experienced flea bites from these pesky little critters from time to time. One flea or tick bite is bearable and the itch can be relieved with a little salve or Tea Tree oil. But what does one do when there is a massive infestation and both humans and pets are suffering? It feels as if no matter how much poison you spray they just keep coming back. 

A massive flea infestation arises because one adult flea can lay 600 eggs during its lifetime and these eggs can take from two to fourteen days to hatch. Ticks are also prolific breeders and opportunistic feeders. The trick is to become really serious about ridding your home and pets of these nasty creatures that may cause hair loss, dermatitis, anemia, and Rickettsia diseases that can be deadly to pets and humans.

Prevention is better than Cure

It is preferable to treat your home and pets at least every two months and more often in summer to prevent tick and flea infestations.  If you should experience an infestation then immediate treatment followed by a maintenance plan is crucial to prevent re-occurrence. Be aware and be prepared as fleas and ticks are not just nuisance creatures and should be treated immediately.

An Eradication Plan

Begin with vacuuming the entire house and remove the contents of the bag and spray before disposing of these outside. Spray your carpets, bedding and furniture with an appropriate poison and obtain a suitable spray for external areas.  Whilst treating your home also treat your pets with readily available commercial products. These often interrupt the reproductive life cycle of fleas and ticks and reduce re-infestation. It is however generally necessary to repeat this cleaning and spraying cycle on a regular basis until the infestation has been resolved. Some commercially available products for the home include Doom or Fogger, depending on the severity of the problem.  Products available for pets include Revolution, Advantage, Advantage Multi, Frontline, Frontline Plus and Advantix.

If possible source organic or other gentler products safer for children and pets.Regular use of Bio way Multi and Amway Home are a healthier alternative for washing bedding for example. High grade essential oils may be used with caution to treat your dog or cat and only after sufficient research into this option.

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