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Washable Pet Bed: A Stink That Won’t Persist

Washable Pet Bed: A Stink That Won’t Persist

Want your pet furniture to last without the ruin of sour smells? A washable pet bed may be the option for you. Some pet beds can get a sour smell after your pet has spent months laying on it. Most times it’s difficult to get that fresh smell - or any good smell - to return. Washing the bed is not always simple. The inner stuffing can get lumped up in the washing machine, if it can even fit in there. Now your pet's bed is fresh, but the stuffing may never be smooth again. A pet bed with removable stuffing can be the perfect solution. With a Velcro closing, you can remove the stuffing and wash the bed fabric with no worries. And replacement is no issue, when the stuffing gets too flat. Here's how you create a comfy pet bed that can be washed again and again.

Materials Needed:

Freshly washed sweatshirt - Preferably one that your pet loves
Polyester Stuffing
Yarn / Thick Thread
Thick Needle
Sewing Machine (Optional)
Piece of fabric (Optional) - Preferably fabric that matches the sweatshirt
Tape measure for fabric
Velcro Brand Sew-On fasteners, measured to length of bottom hole


Turn your sweatshirt inside out and smooth it out. Use your pins to stretch the sweatshirt and keep it straight.

Measure the width of the bottom of the sweatshirt and cut two Velcro pieces of the same length.

Sew the Velcro pieces to the inner edges so they will face each other when the sweatshirt is outside in.

Back stitch the fasteners to secure them.

With the sweatshirt still inside out, sew the neck hole (the collar) together, leaving a small hole at the top. Sewing while the sweatshirt is inside out will ensure the thread stitches are hidden once your bed is made.

Turn the sweatshirt right side in and fill entirely with stuffing - belly and sleeves. Test to make sure bed is full to your liking. You may use your pet to test it but beware - (s)he might not want to get off.

Once you’ve adjusted the stuffing to your liking, put extra a little extra in the sleeves so that some is left out past the cuff. Join the cuffs together and sew them so that they make one long sleeve.

As an option, you may circle your piece of fabric around the sleeve cuffs to hide the thread stitching. After sewing the fabric, turn it in so its stitches face the sweatshirt, not you. Now your pet bed is done.


For larger pets, you may use a large sweatshirt. As an option, you may sew the sleeves along the body of the sweatshirt after you back stitch the Velcro pieces. If you do this, use your pins to stretch and straighten the sweatshirt.
You may fill the belly of the sweatshirt with a pillow rather than stuffing.

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