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Toys Your Cat Will Love Playing With

Toys Your Cat Will Love Playing With

Cats are playful by nature, and it can be fun watching them as they get into their antics. However, if they are bored they can be destructive to the extent of damaging your furniture. You should therefore find ways to keep a cat busy, especially if you leave it for long hours and it does not have another animal to play with. There various types of cat toys that you can get at a low price and others that are readily available at your home. Just make sure that when you are choosing the household items to be the cat’s toys, you use safe ones. For instance, a ball made of yarn can be fun for the cat to play with, but can also be dangerous if the cat swallows the yarn. Below are some household and purchased toys that your cat can enjoy playing with.

Laser pointer

Watch your cat chase the red dot of the laser pointer as it uses it chase instincts. The laser pointer is an office device, which you can use to have fun with your cat by flicking it on, waving it and letting the cat chase the dot. You can use it during your bonding time with your cat. Remember to give your cat something to catch at the end of the game so that it does not get frustrated.

Paper bag

Your cat will love getting in and out of a paper bag. Paper bags are readily available in the home and you can use them to keep your cat busy. It is even more fun if there is more than one cat because one cat gets into the bag and other pounces on it from the outside. The cat is likely to shred the paper bag so make sure to replace it.


Cats love chasing balls. You can find cat friendly balls such as plastic balls at the stores at an affordable price. The balls can be more interesting if they have a bell or any noise making object inside. You may also find balls that have catnip inside or with crinkly paper that is noisy. Your cat will have fun while playing with the balls.

Toys with catnip

If your cat is looking dull, you can arouse it with catnip toys. Catnip is a substance that arouses cats by getting them high and they start acting silly. Most toys are made using cloth and they have crinkly noisy paper inside. The noise raises the cat’s interest on the toys. The cat may end up shredding the toys after it plays with them.

Cat teaser

A cat teaser can be an effective bonding toy that you can use when you are spending time with your cat. The toy consists of what looks like a fishing pole with a string and a rod. Place a toy at the end of the string to lure the cat. To play, wave the lure toy so that the cat can chase and pounce on the attached string.

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