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The Ultimate Pet Safety Pack

The Ultimate Pet Safety Pack

Many people take their pets, generally dogs, with them for car rides, both long and short. In cases of an emergency, it is important that you are prepared not only for yourself, but for your pet as well. If you are one of these people who travels with your pet, please make a travel pack with all of these essential items that you can keep in your car at all times. Our pets are valuable and loved members of our family, so their safety and comfort should be a priority as well.

1) Dry Food
Put some of your pet's dry food in a sturdy container or heavy-duty plastic bags that can be sealed. Make sure the food is in a container or bag that will withstand any insects or pests from getting to the food. Also keep in mind that you do not want to have a mess if the food is in a container that may accidentally open and spill out.

2) Water
When traveling with your pet and you encounter an emergency situation, you will absolutely need water for your pet. Even if the situation isn't that dire, an overly hot day may prove that the extra water is necessary. Always keep at least two extra bottles of water for your pet in the travel pack.

3) Travel Bowls
Travel bowls are an excellent way to give your pet food and water while you are away from home. Since most of them are collapsible, they will not take up a lot of space in your travel pack. Having these bowls will make things so much easier when it comes to food and water.

4) Waste Bags
Be prepared for any bathroom accidents that may occur. While your pet may be very well trained, an accident can still happen while on the road. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to having a way to dispose of such accidents. It might also be beneficial to have a roll of paper towels or napkins to clean up the mess as well.

5) Extra Collar and Leash
It is a good idea to have an extra leash on hand for such instances where you may forget to bring one. You should also keep an extra collar in your travel pack if your pet's primary collar is lost or breaks. Make sure that the collar fits well, especially if your pet is still growing. To make your pet more visible, you can add reflective tape on the leash and collar. That way, if you are lost the tape will make your location more visible to those who are potentially looking for you. It will also allow people to notice you and your pet during the night.

6) Thermal Blanket
People generally keep small, reflective thermal blankets in their cars in cases of emergency. If an emergency strikes when you are with your pets, it is vital that you have a blanket for them as well. Even though they have a coat, whether it be thick or not, your pet will still get cold. 

7) First Aid Kit
When you are packing your travel kit, make sure to include a first aid kit for your pet. This can include different supplies such as bandages, medical scissors, cotton gauze, tweezers and antiseptic solution.

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