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The New Babe in Town: Preparing Your Dog for the Arrival of a New Baby

The New Babe in Town: Preparing Your Dog for the Arrival of a New Baby

A new baby’s arrival is often much met with much joy and anticipation – the would-be parents are often excitedly planning out the nursery, childcare arrangements, family gatherings … but where does your beloved canine companion fit into all these? Dogs are extremely sensitive beings – they can already sense that big changes are about to take place before you make your big announcements to your friends and family!

Therefore, it would be wise for you to prepare your dog for your baby’s arrival as early as possible … in fact, you can even do these when you are trying to conceive! There is no harm, as these tips can train your dog to get along with toddlers and young children.

Setting up your home

When your baby arrives – the home environment will change drastically. There might be more people in the house, more activities taking place and your baby will definitely cry at one point or another! All these disruptions might cause your dog to be anxious. Hence, it is important that your dog is settled into a “safe zone”. Help your dog adjust to the changed environment by setting aside a small private zone in your home for his comfort. Make sure to include his favorite toys, food and water dishes, and a well-loved blanket and cushion.

Also, you would need to start training your dog to understand that the nursery is off-limits. He would need to understand that entrance into the nursery is permissible only when you are around to guide him. You should conduct this training before the baby arrives – and this will come in handy when you are trying to juggle the multiple needs of the baby!

Useful commands

If your dog is not trained in basic commands, you would want to begin training him before your baby arrives. These commands will be helpful for you to handle all your new parental responsibilities – calm and friendly dog will in fact enhance the well being of your household! Find out more online on how to train your dog to obey the following commands. If you need further help, do approach your local dog trainers for more specific guidance:

Sit and lie down
Stay, wait, settle
Leave it and drop it
Go away

Showing love and giving security

While it is easy to forget him, please remember that your dog still needs your love and attention. Make sure that your dog will still maintain a regular routine including mealtimes, cuddles, daily walks and training. He will then feel safe and secure, and will be less likely to feel threatened by the arrival of the new baby.

In fact, to increase his security, you can include your dog in some baby-related activities. As you speak to your baby when you change her diapers, allow your dog to sit near you, and talk to both of them at the same time! That way, your dog will be used to the baby’s presence, and vice verse with your baby!

Ultimately, your child’s safety MUST come first! If at any point, you are not completely confident of your ability to juggle your baby’s needs with your dog’s capacity to adjust to a baby, it may be necessary for you to find your dog a temporary home while your new family adjusts.

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