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The Dog needs – do's and Don’ts for a lovely and relaxed walk to the park

The Dog needs – do's and Don’ts for a lovely and relaxed walk to the park

All of us dog owners know that our furry loved ones always need movement and interaction in order to be happy and healthy. Most of the times you may think „Hey, my dog always plays with everyone in the family and seems more than happy in the house and backyard, is it really necessary to have a daily walk?” Well, the answer is a definite YES. Although they have our love and attention whenever they need it, our furry friends also need some furry friends of their own in order to socialize and learn how to behave amongst people and other dogs alike.

When to go for a walk?

Just like us, dogs are mostly active during the day, they are energetic and lively in the morning and tend to get lazy, and sometimes tired in the afternoon, when they have spent a good amount of their energy for the day. So, the best time to take your paw one for a stretch out and walk would be during the morning, when he/she is bursting with energy. Don’t think that after the afternoon nap your dog will have the same drive, because they are usually still a bit tired.

Who leads?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. Keep in mind that dog interaction in mostly based on hierarchy, and this means a lot for your furry friend. You should be a leader for your dog, and walk in front, showing that you’re in charge. He/she will most likely be nice and obedient. If you let him/her take the lead.. well let’s say that it will be a „bumpy” walk, as the dog will try to do anything that comes to mind.

Short leash vs long leash

This is not just a manner of taste, as you may think. You should always use a short leash for having a good degree of control. It may seem unfair for your little friend to be doing this, but think about it like this: a long leash gives him/her a wider range, allowing to chase people, other pets, cars squirrels and so on, and you won’t be able to do much about it. A shorter leash means you’re helping them behave, and even saving their life if they choose to chase the wrong car.

Should I reward my dog during the walk? How?

Definitely. But how is the tricky bit. You shouldn’t reward your dog with food during a walk, whether you’re on the street, in the park or anywhere else. Food will only attract attention from other pets, and especially other dogs., and you might soon find yourself into a food fight. You should reward your dog by allowing him to sniff and walk around on its own initiative. But keep in mind that you are still in control and it should be you who decides when the reward time is over.

Most important is that your dog needs guidance. Whether it’s about leading, rewarding or exploring, like trying a new toy or going to a new place for a walk, your furry friend needs you to be his mentor and his guide. This is essential in order accommodate, feel safe, and have a good time while you’re both taking a breath of fresh air.

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