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Taking care of a dog

Taking care of a dog

A dog pet needs to be taken care of in areas such as feeding, grooming and giving it the required shots and vaccinations. Below are some of the things you need to do while taking care of the dog.


Ensure the dog is vaccinated and shots as needed. This will prevent it from succumbing to or transmitting illness. You should also have the vet install a microchip on the dog with your phone number and address information.

Feed the dog

Your dog pet needs feeding. Pet stores have pet food and pet bowls which you can use to feed your dog. You can also make homemade food. Just be careful to meet the nutritional requirements of the dog and ensure that the food is safe. If the dog does not have all the teeth, consider wetting its food with water to make it soft or give it canned food. Ensure that the dog is taking enough water. You can incorporate the water in the food if the dog does not like taking much water. You can train the dog patience when being served with food. This is by training it to obey the sit command before being fed and giving it food after it sits. The dog needs to be fed 2 or 3 times daily based on its diet and size. Puppies should be fed more times and each time they should be fed until they are full. An adult dog can be fed two cups, with lager dogs getting more share than smaller ones. Avoid giving the dogs chocolate because it may cause increased heart rate. You should also avoid grapes due to their kidney damaging toxins.


Dogs love being outside. Therefore, you should walk the dog regularly. Get a leash of about six foot and poop bags from a pet store. Let the dog walk on your left side with the leash slacking for about 5 inches. In case you want to jog or run, hold the leash edge with the dog running in front of you. This will prevent the dog from running to the streets and being hit by a car. If it is a puppy, keep it closer to you.

Play with the dog

For the two of you to bond, play with the dog even when at home. You can play a ball throwing game on your backyard or any other games.


The dog needs regular cleaning and brushing. Wash the dog as often as possible. Depending on the breed, some dogs require daily brushing while others can do with a fortnight brushing. In case you have a mixed breed, manage the dog’s hair based on the length and texture.

House training

It will be bad if your dog poops anywhere. House train the dog by teaching it to do its business on the potty spot. If you find it trying to its business in the house, direct it to the potty spot immediately. Reward the dog every time it uses the potty.

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