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Removing pet hair from clothes, furniture, carpets and other surfaces

Removing pet hair from clothes, furniture, carpets and other surfaces

You love your pet, but its hair keeps getting on the way. You should not be frustrated because there are ways you can use to remove the hair. This will ensure that you maintain your good relationship with the pet instead of avoiding it or preventing it to get on some surfaces. You can also prevent the pet from shedding too much hair. Below are some of the ways you can use to remove your pets hair from surfaces.

Use of wetness

You can use wet hands or a wet sponge to get rid of fur. In the case of wet hands, wet the palms of your hands with water and then wipe the surface where there is pet hair downwards. This way, the pet’s hair will form a ball and stick to the wet hands. If using a sponge, wet a kitchen sponge and then rub it on the surface that has the pet’s hair. The hair will form clumps that can be picked by hand. In case you want to remove the hair from a carpet, you may use a wet sponge mop.

Using sticky surfaces

There are some surfaces where the pet’s hair can stick such as on the curlers and on the cello tape. You can remove the pet’s hair by rubbing Velcro curlers where there is hair. The hair will stick on the curlers. You may also wrap cello tape around the hands with the part that is sticky facing out. Tap the hands on where there is fur and it will stick.

Using magnetic attraction

This comprises the use of surfaces that the fur will be attracted to through magnetism such as rubber surfaces. If you have rubber gloves, put them on and then rub where there is pet hair. The hair will stick to the gloves. You may also use latex gloves or gardening gloves that have rubber on the palms. Removing the hair on the floor may be much easier if you use a push broom with a rubber bristle. For better results, wet the gloves before removing the hair. An inflated balloon can also remove pet hair from a surface. This is by rubbing an inflated balloon on the surface with the hair. The hair is attracted to the balloon and you can collect it from there and then reuse the balloon to remove more hair. In case the hair sticks to a surface and it is difficult to remove, a rubber broom can do the trick. As you pass the broom on the area with pet’s hair, the static electricity on the brooms bristles attracts the hair, thereby removing it from the surface. Shoes with rubber soles can also be useful in removing the hair. You can simply put them on and then drag feet on the carpet or rug with the hair. The hair collects on the soles. Remove it and throw it away.


In as much as there are many ways of removing the hairs, the best thing is to prevent hair from building up by regularly cleaning the areas where the pet spends time such as the carpet, furniture and rugs.

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