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Preventing Pet Accidents in the House

Preventing Pet Accidents in the House

When you own a pet at home, you will be very happy because it will give you companionship at all times. However, the same pet comes with responsibilities. The most important one is giving your pet house training to avoid accidents. The process of training your dog to know how to maneuver in the house requires patience at the early stages. With that, you will be able to make your dog obedient and with house training tips.

You can always begin by tethering the puppy to you with a six foot leash while indoors without it being in a gated area. At this point, you need to be keen on the signs that the puppy will give when it wants to go outside. Some of the signs include:

    •    A beseeching look
    •    Pacing or circling
    •    Being suddenly distracted from the play
    •    Tugging on the leash suddenly
    •    Trying to get away from the leash

When you see such indicators, it means your dog wants to go outside. You should also keep the dog tethered closely to you so that whenever he starts to cause an accident. When you are far away from home, give your puppy a crate. Most puppies like staying clean and thus will not soil the crate. The crate should not be so large to create a space for soiling it.
This system is preferable when you normally go home in intervals to set your dog free. Remember, if you operate with such a schedule, it is good to create a space indoors for your dog to eliminate in. This should happen until the dog is old enough to wait for you to get home. While at home, you can move newspapers in small increments towards the door to the outside. When the dog walks on the newspapers, it will be a signal that the dog prefers to go and eliminate outside.

Older Dogs and Accidents

Dogs can have accidents depending on the changes that take place in their body. If such incidences occur, then it means your dog still needs training. If the dog is less than six years old, apply the same methods you would use for a puppy. Normally, it is said that when you gave your dog training before it started having accidents then it means the dog has a medical problem. Therefore, it is good that you have your dog checked for the contributing factors by a vet.  An example of a medical issue that can make your dog cause accidents in old life are Canine Cognitive Disorder.

If the vet you hired cannot solve the condition of the dog, then you have to make your dog stay with diapers. This is common with dogs that have cancer because they mostly develop bladder incontinence. Always remember dogs have emotions, and when there are changes in their lives, they can cause accidents. For example, when it becomes distressed, its training can change. If another dog dies in the vicinity, the dog might become distressed.

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