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PLAYGROUND FOR A KITTY: Building a Home for Your Cat – DIY Cat House Ideas

PLAYGROUND FOR A KITTY: Building a Home for Your Cat – DIY Cat House Ideas

It is very important for us people to take care of somebody else. That is why from the early age on we have pets. Cats are among the most popular creatures to keep at home. There are several things about cats which you should keep in mind when organizing a place for them at your home.

What you should remember about cats

The first one is that cats like to play. They jump and run around the place several times a day. Most notoriously, they like to do this at night when you are asleep. The thing is that cats need exercise to keep their superb musculoskeletal system in good shape. They are also natural hunters, and that is just what they do.

The second attribute of any feline is that they like to observe. You may have noticed that your cat can freeze and become completely immobile while contemplating some 'inferior' creature, such as a bird or fly. Because of their love for survey and their need to be in the center of everything (while participating in nothing), they have a passion for high spots. Desk surfaces, window sills, book shelves, mezzanine beds are always their favors.

The third feature of cats and kitties is that they like it cozy and comfy. They have a great love for fur coats and fluffy carpets – more than you can imagine! Warming your lap seems to make them happy too!

Why do we need to remember this? Because knowing what your pet likes and needs will help you make them happy. Despite all the popular presumptions, cats are very grateful creatures. They just don't like to show it. You should, however, be sure that they will appreciate your care and attempts to make their life better – through purring in your lap or comforting you at sad times. You may indeed start thinking about things that would definitely bring joy to your cat.

A perfect place for a kitty

Remember those three feline characteristics from the beginning? Playfulness, observation, and love for comfort. These are three main things you need to be wary of when building a cat house, or a cat tree, as some calls it. It is not a complicated thing to make which requires almost no knowledge of handiwork. Moreover, you can easily construct one from stuff that you find at home.

Most cat houses have a set of essential elements – a house itself or anything resembling a cave or a hollow, a pillar to climb, and a couple of platforms. Most of them can be built of regular household items: a yoga mat, a wicker basket, a bookshelf, a chair, a rag, and even a ladder. You can do anything you like with these, but the main principles you should comply with are below.

– It is best to use wooden a board to build the construction, as wood is natural material, and it will be better for your cat's health.
– Every platform must be soft and comfortable: your pet will spend time sitting there.
– The cat should be able to sharpen claws against the construction or any part of it.
– The condo provides a little daredevil with an ultimate playground. Thus, don't forget to decorate pillars or platforms with cat toys.

There might be a slight problem with all the space that cat tree occupies in your home. Still, your feline needs a personal spot to hang around when it gets tired of people. You should respect that. Just build a house for your creature, and be ready to a portion of cat's appreciation.

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