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Mouse toy – one item that your kitty should never miss from her toy collection!

Mouse toy – one item that your kitty should never miss from her toy collection!

All cats love chasing mice. And we all cat lovers like our fluffy kittens to be happy. So every one of us needs to know how to make a toy mouse to keep our furry friends entertained and give them a way to consume the seemingly infinite amount of energy they have, climbing all day around the house, playing with us regardless of what we’re doing and chasing every little thing that dared to move in their line of sight.

What do I need to get started?

A mouse toy doesn’t require perfect skills or top quality materials. You can take something you have around the house and just put a little heart into it. You just need a piece of material, like an old shirt, a scarf or a tie you don’t feel like wearing anymore, a piece of paper with a printed mouse shape, a pair of scissors, a needle and a thread to sew everything in place.
Okay, I have everything. What do I do next?

In order to make a nice mouse toy, you should start by cutting the mouse shape from the piece of paper you printed it on. Once done with that, fold the shape in half on its length and use this as a pattern to cut 2 pieces of material from the shirt/scarf/tie. Next, sew the halves together, and stuff the puny mouse with some more of the leftover material in order to feel like a live mouse. This will give your kitten a real thrill when playing with it around the house. After you finished up sewing, just cut 2 more pieces in the shape of a triangle for the ears, and before attaching them to the body, fold over a little bit of material and sew this on the edges. This will ensure that the kitty’s teeth won’t destroy the ears from the first round with the mouse. Now you can attach them to the body.


Now, all that’s left is the little nose and the tail. For the nose, you can use some of the thread to make a knot and bind just a little bit of material, thus making a small nose for your mouse. You can paint it black if you want, but be careful with the paint, because you don’t want to use anything toxic for your kitten’s favorite toy. For the tail, you can just tie an old shoe lace or anything similar you have around the house. It just has to be a little longer than the body and not too thick.

That’s it? Nothing more?

Well yes, that’s all you need to do in order to have a nice mouse toy for your dear kitten. Now all you have to do is to introduce the toy to your furry friend. You can easily do this by attaching a small thread to the tail and pulling it around the house, making you kitty notice it. What happens next is up to your kitten’s imagination in playing with his new toy.
Making a homemade mouse toy is pretty easy, even for the ones among us that think they are less skilled. All it takes is 30 minutes of determination, some patience, and some of the clothes that you just don’t need any more.

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