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Making your own pet food

Making your own pet food

You don't always have to buy food for your pet all the time. At times, commercial foods are never healthy for your pet. First, it’s costly to buy the food daily. Secondly, pet deaths have mostly been linked to such commercial foods. This has made most vets to recommend that you make your pet food at home. Even though it still worries the vets because they may lose market for their products, the safety of your dog is very vital.

Pet deaths have increased because of certain chemicals that are put in the commercial food. The two chemicals are melamine and cyan uric acid. When the two happen to be in food together, they may cause death. When the two chemical combine, they form crystals that damage the kidneys. The chemicals also reduce the protein level in the food. This means that the deaths that have been reported on pets were caused by addition of these chemicals to pet food especially those with high protein content.

Don't Serve Your Pet Human Food

It is always good to be cautious on the kind of food you are giving to your pet. What is normally good for human beings may at times not be good for pets. The nutrient needs for human beings at times differ from that of pets. As well, the nutrients also differ when you narrow down to the pet itself; a dog or a cat. The nutrients you give to your cat or dog also depend on its weight and other relevant health and medical issues.

Toxic food

Some of the foods we regularly enjoy are normally very toxic to the pets. An example of such is the chocolate. The milk chocolate is not very toxic while the white chocolate is almost non-toxic. The bittersweet baking chocolate is very toxic and should not be given to pets.

Others foods that are toxic include raisins and grapes. There is also another substitute for sugar used in baking called Xylitol that is also very toxic. Foods like coffee, onions, onion powder, walnuts and alcoholic beverages are toxic to pets. At times, you need to check even the amount of salt in the food because too much salt is toxic to dogs.

Another mistake most people do is feeding their pet’s human food that is a little bit spoiled. Such food should be thrown away and not given to pets. The same problems that would occur when a human being eats the spoiled food are the same problems that would occur to a dog or cat.

Human Foods that Dog can eat

There are those human foods that pets can take. For example, dogs can vegetables. This also depends on the type of dog because some dog’s don’t tolerate vegetables. If they take it, it can cause diarrhea or constipation. However, if your dog can handle it, then give it carrots, broccoli and celery.

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