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Making yogurt drops for your rat pet

Making yogurt drops for your rat pet

If you have a pet rat, it is likely that it loves yogurt drops just like most other rats. Most health food stores have these drops and you can buy them from there. However, if you want to give your rats a special treat without spending a lot; you can make yogurt drops at home. This will leave you more money to spend on other treats. The steps below will help to make the yogurt drops for your rat pet.


o    Wax paper
o    Smooth yogurt
o    Icing tube that is commonly used for decorating cakes
o    Space in the freezer
o    Plastic bags


Lay the wax paper

Take any size of wax paper and lay it flat on the counter. Place something heavy on the corners to weigh it down and to prevent it from moving when you are squirting the drops.

Get the icing tube ready

Take the icing tube that is normally used to decorate cakes and get it ready. Roll the icing tube top for two inches to see the bottom easily. Prepare icing tube and the cap with the shape you desire. The cap can be circular or other fun shapes. You may even have different shapes for every row. Put three spoonfuls of yogurt into the icing tube. Close the top of the tube by rolling, twisting or squeezing it. Remove the air bubbles from the tube and back to the yogurt can until the yogurt in the icing tube is smooth.

Make the yogurt drops

Measure one inch from the edge of the wax paper and squirt a drop of the yogurt. Keep placing a drop of yogurt from the icing tube after every half an inch until the row is complete. If you want to start another row, measure half an inch from the previous row. This will give the drops enough space so that they are not mixed if they run when you are moving them to the freezer. Place the drops on the wax paper until it is full or up to where, you desire. Move the drops into the freezer gently and quickly. Keep them there until they freeze, which can be overnight, and if you have placed them in the morning, they will take the whole day.

Place the drops in a plastic bag

When the drops have hardened, remove them from the freezer and place them on the counter when on wax paper. Loosen the yogurt drops from the wax paper using a dull knife and roll the paper. Pour them into the plastic bag and seal it tight. Take the plastic bag to the refrigerator and keep it there until when you need to use the drops. Feed the drops to the rats and make sure you do it sparingly. Too many drops can make the rats get upset stomach. You can use different yogurt flavors in order to keep the rats interested. If you do not have time to make the drops often, you can make more batches each time and keep them in the refrigerator.

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