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Keep the Memory of Your Pet Alive With a Tombstone

Keep the Memory of Your Pet Alive With a Tombstone

If your pet has passed on, you can keep its memory alive by making for it a tombstone. This means that you will not lose track of where you buried it. Use the following steps to make a tombstone.
Materials needed
Mortar mix, water, mold, stone stamps, trowel, stirring stick, bucket and the laminated photo of the pet
Get all the materials in one place and read the instructions.

•    Mix the mortar and put it into the mold
Put mortar in the bucket and mix it with water according to the instructions on the bag. Estimate how much mortar you need, though it is better to use more. If you use little, you may find out it is not enough when you have put it in mold.
Mix all the mortar with water and stir as you add water until you get the consistency you desire. The mixed mortar should be thick like mud. If you place the trowel with mortar upside down, some of it should stick without falling. The mortar should be such thick that it cannot pour to the mold without scraping with a trowel.
Scoop the mortar, put it into the mold and smooth it. In case you do not have mold, you can use a box. Remove all the particles such as rocks and leaves that may have fallen by accident on the mortar.
•    Decorate the tombstone
The tombstone needs decorations and lettering. After you put the mortar into the mold, it should be thick without being runny. If you poke it with a stick, it stays put. This is the time to do lettering and adding other decorations. Make it fast before the mortar dries up.
Use stamps and press them to the mortar to do the lettering. As you will progress, it will be difficult to press into the mortar a sign that the mortar is drying up. You can also add marbles or mosaic glass and a laminated photo of the pet at this stage. The decorations and lettering should not sink. In case they do, then the mortar is runny and not thick enough and you may have to start all over.
Be careful not to have spelling mistakes because it may be difficult to correct after the mortar is dry.
•    Drying
Now that it is complete, allow the mortar to dry for about two days. The drying times will depend on the mortar you have used and therefore, you need to read the instructions given on the mortar bag. Keep it somewhere safe away from very low temperatures, where it cannot be wet or stepped by someone.
Once it is dry, remove it from the mold. The tombstone should be hard and the lettering and decorations visible. You can now honor your pet by placing it where it has been buried.
Note that when making the tombstone, you should have all the materials at hand due to the short time it takes for the mortar to dry. Take care so the mortar does not get to your clothes or hair because it may be difficult to come out.

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