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Is Your Dog Always Happy? Check on how you will know your Dog's Emotions

Is Your Dog Always Happy? Check on how you will know your Dog's Emotions

Have you ever realized that dogs are animals that do not hide their emotions? When the walks you take them to are not long enough, they may not complain to their buddies. The most challenging thing is getting to know the dog's feelings. Do you need to know how to tell the mood your dog is in?

Here are the tips:

Happy and Contented Dogs

When the dog is happy and contented, it will display a relaxed body language. Normally, the dog will hold its tail and ears in their natural position. Its muscles are always relaxed at this point. The physique is normally neither big nor small. Sometimes the dog wags its tail in a circular tor side to side. The dog also pants at a regular tempo with its mouth slightly opened. The dog may appear smiling because the corner of its mouth will be turned upwards.

Alert Dogs

A dog that is alert is one that will always seem tensed and focused. The dog maintains an upright posture with its ears up and forward and the neck erect. At this time, the dog holds its tail vertically upright making it more rigid and immobile. While looking at what he has detected, he might growl or bark.

An exited dog

For an excited dog, it looks intense just like when it is alert. It also appears playful. The ears will be mostly up, and the tail held high. The dog will also be looking at the source of excitement. The dog will also hold its mouth open and can as well bark.

Aroused Dogs

An aroused dog will always keep its hackles up. At this point, the body language might show that he either feeling scared, uncertain or angry. The body is normally larger or normal-sized. With its ears flattened to the sides or held forward and his tail a bit low, the dog will focus on an individual object. At times, when you around the compound or the environment, you may not see anything but a dog can be aroused some odor.

When the Dog is Playful

When your dog is playful, it will show jerky and bouncy movements. The movements will be twists, turns and leaps. The dog might also paw you, dodge around you or accept an invitation for a chase. Sometimes it may jump at you and start mouthing. Some also show a happy facial expression by opening its mouth. It may also growl or make high-pitched barks.

Scared Dogs?

Your dog might also be scared or fearful at times. The dog will appear small, with a hunched body and tail tucked between the legs. The ears will also be flattened on his back. A dog will take a low position on the ground with tense and rigid muscles.

Dominant Dogs

A dog can also feel dominant. When the dog is dominant, it will stand tall and sometimes on its toes. The dog may appear tensed with ears up and oriented forward. His hair may stand up on its shoulders with growling while the mouth is closed.

A submissive dog

Lastly, the dog can also be submissive. At this time, the dog makes his body look small, while hunching over and going low to the ground. The dog may muzzle, lick or flick its tongue. It averts its gaze from the individual while also urinating.

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