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Installing a Cat Door

Installing a Cat Door

When it comes to pet doors, it is important that you incorporate both the decorative and functional elements. For instance, doors with metal security and flaps play a great role in ensuring that your cat has enough freedom to move around without having to bother you to open and close the door. The flaps also play a major role in keeping the bugs at bay while the security door makes it easier to access the interior slot for the purposes of closing off the entrance when you are going out. Cat doors are easy to install and even though the idea of drilling a hole through your wall or door may be a tad disturbing, the process is really fast and easy. With the aid of a manual and a few tools such as screwdriver, nails, masking tape, jigsaw, tape measure and electric drill.

If you intend to create an easier access for your feline to access food and litter box, then you might want to install the cat door on the wall. This also creates access to adjoining areas in the house. While at it, ensure that base of the door is the exact length with your feline’s abdomen for convenience. In order to determine this, take the measurements of your cat’s abdomen to the floor. If you have kittens, you can install the doors in glass panel. Note that cutting glass is a daunting job, and you can rely on a local glazier and if you are dealing with tough glass, replace it with a much lighter glass before installing the cat door.

Once you have installed the door, the next step is to train your cat how to use the door. If your feline is having a hard time adjusting to the routine, put him or her on the other side and lure him or her to the other side with his or favorite snack. In a matter of time, your feline will be in accord with the door. Go for cat doors that are energy efficient as they are not only economical on the power bill, but they also have magnetic seals to contain the weather. If you want a lockable cat door, then you might want to get one with s security panel, which you set or lock. You will be amused to note that there are also electronic cat doors in the market and they have automatic locks that are flexible and can be used to lock in both or one direction.  If the door has either an electronic lock or a Smart Key, you can be sure that other animals will not be in a position to get past the door.

When it comes to installing a door for your feline, it is important that you consider functionality. That said; do not overlook the design element as it could play a huge role in boosting the ratings for your décor. With such a wide variety of cat doors in the market, you will be pleased to find cat doors that incorporate both the functionality and design element.
Spoil your kitties by allowing them to have their personal space. This will be beneficial to both you and your feline and on those days when both you and your cat need some space and time apart nothing plays that role better than a cat door.

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