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HOW TO SHOW YOUR CAT : What to Know Before You Enter Your Cat in a Show

HOW TO SHOW YOUR CAT : What to Know Before You Enter Your Cat in a Show

When considering whether it is viable to show your prized Persian, Siamese or house cat at a cat show it might be wise to attend one yourself to get a feel of what it is all about and establish whether it is something that might interest you. Should you decide you would like to give it a try, the next step is to contact your local cat showing body to determine whether your cat is indeed eligible for entry. If you are lucky and your pet is a likely candidate, the next step is to educate yourself as to what the entry procedures are as well as your responsibilities as an exhibitor.
Cat shows are usually arranged months in advance and have a variety of categories that you may enter.  It is therefore wise to establish all the details beforehand and arrive early so that you will not be disappointed.

Preparation before the Show

Find out what you need to take to the show well in advance.  It is usually a good idea to pack a few items such as combs and brushes for the final touches to his grooming before showing commences.Make sure that you do clip your cat’s claws a couple of days prior to the show.  If this is not taken care of you will probably be refused entry.  It is also a good idea to check that his ears are clean and mite free.

For maintenance some wet wipes for cleaning purposes and bowls for water and food are necessary.  Because this may be a stressful experience for your cat it is crucial to keep him l hydrated.Be sure to bring a litter pan with you as it could be a long day.

To relieve any potential stress you could accustom your cat to traveling in a confined space in a vehicle for weeks before the show.  An airline carrier may be obtained from your pet shop to transport your cat as these are well ventilated and easy to clean. Do not even consider transporting him in your arms as this is a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure that the interior of your carrier is made comfortable by adding a favorite cushion, blanket and a toy. 

Most show regulations require a show curtain inside the carrier so that your bundle of fun cannot see the other cats around him. This helps to reduce stress levels and maintain his composure. 

Final Touches

At last you have arrived and you can now find out where you should be and what time the judges will be heading in your direction. Make sure your cat is comfortable and then take some time to wander around yourself.  Keep all schedules with you so that you can return to your section to do some last minute grooming and be ready for when the judges arrive I wish you luck with your new hobby.

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