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How to Make Toys At Home for Your Dog

How to Make Toys At Home for Your Dog

If there is one thing you might have noticed in your home is that dogs like playing. They do so with the help of toys. It is said that many dogs grow well with toys. It makes them become smarter when it comes to solving problems. Therefore, we present you a number of toys that you can easily make at home.

Make a Note for Dogs Who Like To Chew

These are those dogs that like to tear their toys apart. For such dogs, always make sure that they do not accidentally or intentionally swallow some pieces. Caution should be highly taken because the surgery for removing such foreign bodies is costly and dangerous. Therefore, only give the dog safe toys or supervise them closely. 

Up cycled T-shirt Toy

In order to make such a toy, up cycle and old shirt. Cut the old shirt into strips and channel your teenage girl and braid it into a tight plait. This can help you make great indestructible pattern.

Tennis Ball Puzzles

Tennis ball puzzles are very much recommended for dogs that like chewing and solving problems. In making this, simply use a sharp knife to cut a slit in a tennis ball and put your treat inside. As the dog chews, the whole should show the treat. You can also use muffin tins and many tennis balls. Most puzzle toys can be used o distract the dog when you want to leave the house without it following you. They are the best for smart dogs because they help the dog to keep their mind occupied. This most appropriate when you are absent from home or when the dog has behavioral problems.

This toy can be easily made from the materials you have around the home. For example, an old plastic bottle can do well. Many dogs love the cranky sound that is produced when they chew a plastic bottle. When the giving the dog such a toy, always remove the lid and the plastic ring around the neck of the bottle. You should also take precautions to supervise those dogs that seriously chew. This is because plastic bottles can form sharp corners that will hurt the gums of the dog. The dog can also easily swallow some pieces from the bottle.

There are so many ways of recycling the bottles so that you use them to make puzzle toys for your dog.

    •    First, you can remove the lid and fill the bottle with dry biscuits. After this, allow the dog to roll it down and get the food out.
    •    You can also pierce some holes an old drinking bottle and fill it with crushed food. The food should come out of the little holes when rolled around.

Lastly, you can fill the bottle with water halfway. Freeze the bottle on its side, so that makes your dog a frozen chew for hot days. With that, you will have made you dog toys that can keep it busy and make it grow strong.

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