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When you want to go that extra mile for your precious pet and the budget is just not playing along – a DIY microwavable heated cushion may be the answer. These easy to make warmers are really useful for adding a little extra heat to a cold day or when your pet has a muscle injury. Laying one of these on the injured spot will help to relax the muscle and alleviate some of the discomfort. Not only can they be used for your pet but you can make one for yourself too.

Making Microwavable Winter Warmers

You can decide on a variety of shapes from squares, tubes or rounds in whatever size is suitable for your purpose. You may want a larger item for a bigger pet or prefer to make several smaller ones in different shapes and sizes to keep him snugly in winter. All you need are some scraps of unused material. If you have old suit shirts, T shirts, denims or unused towels in the back of a cupboard somewhere these will fit the bill or an old pair of socks will do the trick. 

Cut your fabric into the size and shape that you want and sew up the edges, leaving about 2cm at the one section to insert your filler. If you want to be a fancier, then make your inner from plain off cuts and sew a second pillow slip cover for that in a polar fleece or similar soft, warm fabric. You pet will love you for it. 

Once you have completed your covers you can decide on the filler. You can choose from uncooked rice, beans, wheat, oatmeal, barley or feed corn. Remember not to fill your bag too full as you want to leave some play for the contents to adjust to your pet’s shape. All that’s left then is to sew up the edge and it’s ready to microwave. Make several of these warmers because once you see how well they work, everyone else will want a few too.

Microwaving your Winter Warmer

When you are ready just place your warmer in the microwave for one to three minutes. The time you heat your warmer will depend on its size and your microwave. Be careful with heating as the contents can become extremely hot and dangerous when overheated. Keep an eye on your warmer to see that it doesn’t start smoking afterwards either. It is best to set your microwave on a medium setting for a shorter time to avoid unwanted and dangerous events. Once you have established the time required for your warmers then allow them to stand for a few minutes until you are certain that they are safe to handle.

Voila! You have made your pets something that they will enjoy for a while. You warmer will retain its heat for anything from one to two hours. Just enough time to get your pet settled in for the night.

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