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The Lazy Man’s Pet

If you would like a low maintenance pet then Goldfish are a good choice. They don’t bark, wreck your furniture or wake you up in the morning but they are easy on the eye especially if they have different markings. These different markings are due to the fact that there are different varieties such as Shubunkins, Comets, Lion heads, Blackheads, Fantails and Veil tails. But in this instance we are going to stick with the beginners - one small round tank occupied by two small Goldfish of the same variety.

Selecting Healthy Goldfish

When making your purchase check that the aquarium they are in does not have any fungus or dead fish floating around or that the fish gills are moving rapidly as this is an indication of a lack of oxygen in the tank. If the tank is dirty then go elsewhere to make your purchase.

Transferring your Fish to their New Home

Once you’ve made your purchase fill your bowl with water and store bought plants. These cold water plants come in a variety such as Microsorium, Anacharis Dense or Myriophyllum (or Mifoil). When transferring your fish from the plastic bag do it slowly so they become accustomed to the change in temperature. 

If your tank is in sunlight then algae will grow quickly.  When it does it is healthy for your fish if not too dense as it provides necessary nutrition. Algae growth is also an indication of changes in the water quality and a sign it is time to clean up.  Strive for a balance here and when you do clean, remove your fish using a small store bought net and transfer them quickly to another water container of the same temperature. Do not handle them with bare hands as this is a sure way to transfer disease. You can aim for a regular but partial change of water as this is also a healthy option.

Keep your bowl away from direct sunlight or heat as this may cause stress. If your fish are swimming to the surface and gasping this will be a definite sign they are struggling.  If there is any change such as the way they are swimming, are bloating or have a fungus then remove them from the other fish immediately. Treatments for fungus can be purchased at your pet store but keep your water clean as this is the best way to prevent disease.

Feeding your Goldfish

Purchasing pet store recommended Goldfish flakes is the best way to go.  Do not over feed them as this is a leading cause of death and can lead to pollution of your bowl. You can purchase a floating feed ring and place the flakes in there or you can feed them twice a day. Simply sprinkle food onto the water surface and when they have been feeding for five to ten minutes you know your job is done. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

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