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How to Help a Dog out of Shyness and Lack of Confidence

How to Help a Dog out of Shyness and Lack of Confidence

Some animals are shy, owing to lack of good introduction to people, things, or places, when they are developing from puppies to mature pets. Other causes for the timidity displayed by such animals include physical abuse, emotional trauma, and inadequate social interaction. If such emotions in the animal are not addressed, the pet may result into biting and aggression.  You can rescue your dog. To begin with, set up situations for helping the dog, to learn new positive responses. If you have a helper, lay out some guidelines on how to handle the dog. For instance, tell the helper to avoid eye contact with the animal and ensure to stand by its side, while keeping a safe distance. Do not try to force the dog, to get close to the person. The helper can maintain the same level with the animal and with the help of pet treats; the dog will be lured to the helper.

As the helper, performs the exercises, you should be at a closer range, showing your approval of the stranger. Avoid comforting the dog, in case it feels threatened, since, this will only reinforce the bad behaviors. You may need to repeat this set –up session, to give the dog enough time, to shed off its timidity. Help your dog to get accustomed to all types of people and experiences. For instance, if you find that the pet shies away from men, have a man prepare its meal, and takes it out. As time passes by, they will get used to the people. On the other hand, if the dog has a problem, with a member of the family, who either invokes fear on the animal or speaks in a loud voice, they will have to change their behaviors, when around the pet.

You cannot be adequate company for your dog. It needs other animals for emotional stability. Hence, if it displays fear and timidity, when around other dogs, start by introducing the calmer dogs and then, afterwards release it bond with other big dogs. In addition, furnish the dog with agility and obedience skills. These small tactics, will help the dog in forming lasting relationships with the members of the family and with any other person, they meet. The more skills the dog will learn, the more it will gain confidence. Your method of training will make a difference between a fearful dog and a confident pet, which will be a love of many. Be sure, to maintain gentleness, when handling the animal and reward it with treats.
Lastly, take the dog outdoors, from time to time.  Ensure to introduce to the neighbors and pets from the neighborhood. This way, it will become confident and make friends.  A shy dog can be a challenge to deal with, since we all want a playful pet, which will make our days and color our evenings. However, it is not the end of the world that your pet is fearful and shy. You can make it better by using the above strategies.

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