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How to deal with a dog’s allergy using home remedies

How to deal with a dog’s allergy using home remedies

Having an allergy is as bad in animals as it is in humans. Therefore, you may need to relieve your dog of the discomfort by using various remedies. Medications, steroids and injections may not be the best remedies based on the side effects they can cause the dog. Therefore, you should try home based remedies to relieve the symptoms of allergy or to get rid of the cause of the allergy. Some of the home remedies are:

Give more fatty acids

A dog with allergies needs more fatty acids from the fish oil. Give the dog more fish in its diet for the best benefits. You can also give the dog supplements of fish oil. Make sure that the dog is not allergic to fish before giving it. Fatty acids help to maintain a healthy immune system and although dogs produce them in their bodies, they need extra from their diet.

Get rid of fleas

Some dogs are allergic to saliva excreted by fleas. If a flea bites them, they can get flea allergy dermatitis. This skin rash is itchy and can result to hair loss and sores. Despite the presence of other medication remedies such as flea control products and over the counter medication, natural treatments may be more preferable. You can use apple cider vinegar to sooth the dog’s skin by applying it on the rash. This home remedy may also help to prevent flea infestations. Spray the dog using diluted vinegar after a bath. Vinegar becomes a barrier on the pet’s skin preventing the fleas from attacking it. Getting rid of the fleas will ensure that your dog does not suffer from a flea allergy.


Cleaning the dog can ease some of the allergies such as irritation and itchiness. You can use homemade shampoo or a gentle commercial wash to clean it and provide it with instant relief. If the allergen is external, cleaning the dog as soon as it gets home can prevent the problem from growing. Clean the paws and brush the dog to remove the irritants.

Use probiotics

Although not proven, probiotics can reduce allergies by boosting the immune system in addition to improving the digestive health. Increase the intake of probiotics by giving the dog supplements. The other option is to use dog foods that have probiotics. However, there is no evidence that they are useful to a dog with contact or environmental allergies.

Use air purifiers

Consistent allergy may mean that your dog is allergic to something in your home. If the allergies do not go by vacuuming regularly or by washing the beddings, then it is time you should use an air purifier to get rid of dust mites and other allergens that may be in your home. You can also use HEPA filters to get rid of particles and dust that may cause allergic reactions. Research shows that the filters are better than the ion generating purifiers. These home remedies will ease the discomfort from your pet while being mild at the same time.

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