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How To Collar Your Loose Dog

How To Collar Your Loose Dog

Those of us who have dogs as pets know that they can sometimes be escape artists. Maybe they figured out how to unlatch the gate or there was a hole under the fence they climbed out from. The fact is, sometimes dogs can get loose. When you try to catch your dog, this may prove a difficult task as he/she may not want to be caught. Your dog may also think you are playing a game and continue to run away from you and wag his/her tail every time you come near. Here is how to make this little game they play easier and more effective at catching and collaring your dog.

1) Instead of running after your dog, do the opposite. Stop what you are doing and simply sit or lie down. Your dog will not know what to make of this action. He/she will tend to be inquisitive and come to you. Maybe your dog thinks something is wrong with you and he/she is trying to help. In any case, you have put an end to your dog playing a game of running away from you.

2) Another similar way to get your dog to stop running away from you is to stop, lie down on the ground and get yourself into the fetal position. This behavior will make your dog stop and wonder what you are doing. As you are lying there and being very still, your dog will not interpret this behavior as threatening. He/she will be more likely to come over to you and try to figure out what could be wrong. When your dog comes to you, the opportunity to collar him/her is there.

3) If your dog thinks you are playing a game when you are chasing after him/her, then the chase will go on and your dog will continue to have the upper hand. However, if you turn the tables and run in the opposite direction your dog may feel like it's his/her turn to chase you, in a playful manner. As you are doing this and your dog begins to chase after you, try going to a location that will make it easy for you to collar your pet.

4) Along the same lines of stopping and lying on the ground, you can also sit on the ground with your back to your dog. This can signify an action that is out of the ordinary to your dog. He/she may feel more inclined to check this out and see why you are behaving in that way. You will not seem like such a threat to your dog if you are seated in this manner. Prior to sitting down, it will also benefit you to make a short and spaced out path of treats leading right to you.

5) Dogs who love car rides can be tricked into thinking you are going for a ride, even when you are simply trying to capture him/her. You may feel like this is a sad thing to do to your dog, but when you are desperate and trying to catch him/her you will try just about anything. This method may prove to be an excellent way of getting hold of your dog again.

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