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How to build a dog gate using PVC

How to build a dog gate using PVC

If you are a dog owner, you can probably relate to situations when your canine friend ran into rooms it does not belong or climbed through your treasured furniture. In such situations, you have probably wondered how to keep your dog within a confined space to bar it from running into prohibited zones while you entertain your guests or while at work. This is where a dog gate comes in handy. Whether you intend to keep your furry friend’s muzzle at bay during dinner or bar him from sneaking underfoot during parties, you might have to structure a dog gate. This makes it easier to set the necessary boundaries.

Whether you are dealing with a tiny pup or a grown up canine, you will be surprised to learn that your furry friend will still fancy the security that comes with a gate. A dog gate is not an excuse to have a hideous apparatus in the house. With smithereens of ideas, you can structure a decorative dog gate. Most importantly, do not forget to prioritize the security measures, as the primary aim is to build a safe haven for your canine friend.

Note that you do not have to rely on the services of a professional to create a dog gate. With a few factors in mind, you can construct the perfect dog gate. For starters, get the exact measurements for the doorway. Have a few pieces of PVC pipe on standby and ensure that they measure fewer inches than the doorway’s width and height. Using a PVC cutter, divide the pieces to the right measurements before connecting them with four PVC corners of 90 degrees. This is a perfect frame for a desirable dog gate. Once this is done, get a mesh cloth or wire screen to fit within the frame of a doggie gate frame. If you do not have a mesh cloth or wire screen, fret not because you can improvise an old bed sheet or blanket. With the aid of cable ties, secure the gate by rotating the mesh all round.

Fix the dog gate in bang middle of the doorway. In the case of chain-link fences, use hinges to link the dog gate to the door frame. This is usually ideal if the frame is too small. Alternatively, you could use robes or cable ties to secure it in place. This highly depends on how secure and permanent you intend to fix the gate. Shower curtain rods that are spring loaded are another popular alternative, and they are quite effective in holding the gate securely in your doorway. Ensure that you insert the rods within the pipe at the base and frame of the gate. If you are weighing between T-corners and 90-degrees corners, opt for the former, as it will make it easier for the pipe to accommodate the rods.

Avoid using a hacksaw and insist on using the right tool for cutting PVC. This special tool is available at a home improvement store near you. Besides the special tool is user friendly as compared to a hacksaw. Ensure that you do leave no gaps in your gate lest your canine friend gets his head or body trapped.

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