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Homemade Decor: A Cozy Tent for Your Pet

Homemade Decor: A Cozy Tent for Your Pet

A pet tent can come in handy for a variety of reasons. You may be on a camping trip or maybe your pet needs a recluse. You could be feeling creative and just want to treat your little friend to a new home. Whatever reason may come by, this homemade pet tent can make your pet a little happier.

Necessary Materials:

Two Wire Hangers
Piece of Cardboard -15x15 
Tape - Adhesive or Duct
Safety Pin
Wire Cutter


Cut the curved part of each hanger. Reshape so that they make a curved arch. Smooth them out to your liking. The hangers should be identical.

Use one of your hangers to make holes in each corner of your cardboard piece. The holes should be at least half an inch from the edge. Stick the ends of one hanger in holes diagonal to each other.

Stick the ends through each hole so that about an inch hangs out of the other side. Bend each end and tape down to the cardboard to secure. Repeat the same steps with your other hanger.
Once the ends of both hangers are taped down, turn the tent over. Both hangers should be crossing each to make the shape of a curved X. 

The cardboard and hangers together make the outline of your tent - a dome shape. Adjust the dome any way you please. The inner space will be your pet's new home so make sure they will have enough comfortable space. If you feel comfortable enough, you may let your pet enter the dome to test the space.

Next take you t-shirt and pull it over the tent. Position the shirt so that the neck hole is in the front and the middle of the tent. There should be far enough from the top so your pet may easily enter and far enough from the bottom so the hole does not form part of the tent floor.

Depending on the size of your t-shirt, there will be excess fabric. Gather the excess at the bottom of the tent. Use safety pins to hold in place. The floor should be smooth; the t-shirt should be tight around the tent. It may take a few tries to get the floor smooth and the tent tight. This is okay. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a deep breath and try again.

Once you get the desired result, your project is complete. All ready for your pet!

Bonus Styling

If it’s normally cold where you live, substitute your t-shirt with an old sweatshirt or sweater. The fabric may be thicker than a shirt, so you will want to use large safety pins. Line the floor of the tent with a warm blanket.
To make a tent for bigger pets, cut out a bigger piece of cardboard. For a bigger dome, use multiple hangers to tape together.

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