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Help stop the scourge of abandoned pets: adopt a rescue dog

Help stop the scourge of abandoned pets: adopt a rescue dog

Owners abandoning pets is a worldwide scourge involving many millions of adorable animals, many of which are being put to death each year.
The reason, as with so many other scandals is money. Breeders keep breeding increasing numbers of puppies in a chase to make more and more money. Other members of the public reward them by buying these puppies when they could easily choose to save innocent, healthy dogs by adopting them from rescue centers instead.

Money’s too tight to mention

Too many pet owners then later decide that having a dog, with all the commitment that goes with it,is an inconvenience and expense they could easily do without.

That’s fine for the people, but what about the poor animals? If a dog or cat is lucky enough to reach the pet pound,the odds on their survival are slim – indeed they are stacked against them. From the moment they arrive, the clock is ticking. There is only a limited time for people to either claim them, or for the animals to be found a space in a rescue center.

This may be via an organization offering animal rescue. Sometimes they are allowed to go to a foster home, with someone who can show they are supported by a rescue organization, who will take responsibility for the animal.

Many dogs are simply destroyed

Those animals deemed by the pounds to be unsuitable to re-home, perhaps because of injury, illness, or signs of aggression, are often simply destroyed.

In the UK the law is clear that cats and dogs should not be put down until after being in the pound for at least seven days. In the US it can be as little as 48 hours!

The pets are rarely claimed by their owners, so the only chance of survival is for volunteers to find rescue spaces in time, and to transport them to the rescue home, which could be hundreds of miles away, within the allocated time frame.

The problem is immense

Nor are all animals safe even when they reach a rescue center, as not all of these have policies not to kill   if the animals are not re-homed quickly enough.

The size of the problem is immense. The number of pets abandoned throughout the world is estimated to be around six hundred million each year. In the US alone about four million dogs are abandoned every year.

The statistics for the UK indicate that around 130,000 dogs are now being abandoned each year. This is the highest figure for 11 years and it has led to about one dog or puppy every hour of every day of every week being put to death as a result of not finding a home.

Nor is the problem limited to dogs. There is a huge and growing problem of cats, rabbits and ferrets being abandoned too.

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