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ESSENTIAL OILS FOR CATS : To Use or Not to Use Essential Oils

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR CATS : To Use or Not to Use Essential Oils

Using essential oils for cats is definitely a controversial subject. Primarily because they can be deadly for your cat if used incorrectly or indiscriminately but there is hope.  Should you decide you want to treat your cat with these natural remedies for some ailments that don’t necessarily require professional help then high quality therapeutic grade essential oils are recommended.

These high grade oils may be used for a variety of problems to alleviate discomfort for your cat and may be used in conjunction with professional medical support in more serious instances. There is a need here to be aware of the dangers and to do your research before embarking on this natural course of action.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that are Safe for your Cat

The reason why some seemingly safe essential oils are not safe for your cat is that its liver does not process toxicity in the same way that a human does.  Your cat is also a tenth of your size so has to deal with a lot more toxicity than you do. You can help to prevent negative side effects by treating your cat with enzymes or a Ninxgia Red Wolf berry Antioxidant Drink to support metabolism.

Here are some safe essential oils and the purposes for which they may be used. These oils must be used in moderation and diluted with50 parts of pure vegetable or grape seed oil to 1 drop of essential oil -

Frankincense – tumours, blood circulation to the brain, ulcers, some cancer cases and the immune system.
Helichrysum– heart disease, nerve and support,anti-bacterial and decreases bleeding from injuries.
Fennel – helps to balance pituitary, pineal and thyroid glands, reduces toxicity and tissue fluid, adrenal cortex assistance.
Lavender – helps relaxation, useful for car sickness, burns, allergies and ulcers.
Spearmint –helps with gastro intestinal cases, weight loss, diarrhoea and nausea.
There are more safe oils that may be used and those listed above also have further benefits.  These oils may also be mixed with water and used as a spray mist or a hydrosol form may be purchased which is also safe, dependent on the quality of the oil.

Some Specific Remedies for Specific Purposes

A cat’s ear canker may be gently treated with a mixture of warm olive oil and lavender diluted as previously mentioned and by wiping the ear inside and out.  A mixture of lavender and cedar wood with its carrier oil may be used to fend off fleas whilst mange may be treated with lavender, roman chamomile and carrier oil.  A spray may be used in the last two cases or the mixture may be gently rubbed onto the skin using gloves.  Use these treatments sparingly and if your cat shows a strong aversion then stop immediately as their sense of smell is far more powerful than ours. Use only a high grade oil and carrier oil and always use with caution when treating your pet with these remedies.

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