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DIY PET FOOD OPTIONS: Commercial Products vs DIY Foods

DIY PET FOOD OPTIONS: Commercial Products vs DIY Foods

A couple of decades ago before pet food became so commercialized we all used to feed the same healthy food to our pets that humans ate, within reason. Today however a lot of that has changed. No matter what commercialized option you purchase now, the long term negative effects are inevitably more expensive in terms of health and veterinary costs because of deficit in nutrition. As a result, many animals suffer from skin ailments, kidney problems and more. This is especially true for purebreds that are less resilient than the pavement specials.

The benefits of feeding your dog from home therefore tend to make for a far healthier pet, provided the owner is also not eating takeaways and processed foods. Consult online pet services to establish what is best for your animal or visit your veterinarian for advice. Feeding your animal from home will result in a far longer, happier and healthier life. You would do it for yourself, so why not for your pet too?

Natural Is Best

When shopping look out for the same healthy foods for your dog that you would eat. Cook up raw meats, chicken or fish mixed with vegetables and ensure that bones are added to the pot, where viable. Raw or cooked bones are excellent for dental hygiene and will provide your pooch with hours of pleasure and necessary nutrients. Cooking natural foods or providing raw foods to your animals will ensure they receive most of their dietary requirements of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Just make sure that you do purchase an extra supplement because even the foods we buy today may have been grown in depleted and are perhaps not as nutritious as they were decades ago.

Please ensure that you educate yourself further though to ensure what human foods are healthy for pets in either raw or cooked form, as you may do more damage to their health than intended. An example of hazardous raw foods would include too many eggs, fish, onions and chocolate. Also be aware that the dietary requirement of a cat is different to that of a dog.

Caring For Your Pet

Cooking up special treats that have a longer shelf life is a good idea for your animal and will save you some time and money.  Search for recipes on the internet to bake healthy dog biscuits with flours, fats and eggs. Then add ingredients such as cheese, peanut butter or honey to make them more edible and nutritious. 

Should your dog have an upset stomach then chicken and rice in small amounts will help to overcome the problem while still providing the necessary nutritional needs. As with humans, probiotics in this instance are also highly beneficial. Natural unflavored yoghurt or cottage cheese will help, together with lots of water to keep your pet hydrated. Keep it natural and your pet will love you for caring so much and live a longer and healthier life. 

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