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Starting With the Basics

When purchasing a dog you know at some point that an understanding of basic commands to communicate with your furry friend will come in handy. Know that right off the bat, that if you are willing spend the time and make a little extra effort, that you and your friend will reap the benefits in the long run. 

Just as you would teach your children good behavior, so you want to teach your dog to behave well. This applies whether you have visitors or not because you need to be able to manage your dog well and provide boundaries for it. Therefore your six basic commands to achieve boundaries and good behavior would include “no”, “sit”, “stay”, “heel”, “off” and “down”. 

The Importance and Meaning of these Basic Commands

The word “no” is essential for any dog training regimen as it provides guidance for your animal as to what is acceptable behavior. Training your dog to sit on command is also a basic of any behavioral training whilst having your dog learn to stay is a necessity in some situations when safety is important. This would include the need for safety for your children, neighbors or pet on occasion. Teaching your dog to heel means that you require it to walk beside you as its owner, rather than behind or ahead of you. This command imparts the information that you are the boss and obedience is important for all to live happily together. Whilst training your dog to heel, a favorite toy always comes in handy. Walking beside you also helps your pet because once he has learned this command; you will be able to remove his leash. 

The last two basic commands are “off” and “down”. Both these commands are useful. “Off” requires a dog to listen and cease unacceptable behavior such as jumping onto furniture or counters. “Down” ensures that you regain control when your pet is engaged in unruly or potentially harmful behavior.

All of these commands are absolute basics when ensuring good manners from your dog and providing it with necessary boundaries. Without these basics, your animal could become a hooligan and make both your lives miserable. Therefore make the effort from the start and both of you will win.

The Result of a Well Trained Pet

A well trained pet will not display signs of anger, depression or anxiety. If you have been patient and firm with your dog, it will reward you with good behavior and become a valuable member of the family. If your animal does display negative emotional signs, then you need to change your training methods.

As with all good behavior, a few treats will not go amiss to enforce the positive and show your animal that you are pleased with his progress. Your pet wants to please you and the best way to achieve this is for you to make the time and effort to see that this is what happens.

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