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Designing a Dog-Friendly Back Yard

Designing a Dog-Friendly Back Yard

Dogs are a loved member of our family. They deserve an outdoor place that is conducive to their needs, and not infringing on your own at the same time. It also has to be a place where they cannot destroy any of your garden areas. When you are designing your yard, keep in mind some common issues that are present when you have a dog.

When you are choosing plants for your yard, keep in mind that all plants are not safe for dogs. Many can be quite poisonous if they are ingested, which is something you do not want to deal with. Before you plant in your yard, research to make sure that what you are planting is non-toxic.

Installing Pet Turf

In order to maintain a wonderful looking lawn, maybe you should consider installing artificial turf. You will not have to face many of the problems that those with real lawns deal with. If you choose to put in artificial or pet turf, you can have a great looking yard and keep a lush place for your dog as well. There are several great benefits to installing artificial turf.

    •    Add a deodorizer, which will aid in soaking up urine smells
    •    Consider a layer that will promote circulating of the air in the middle of the turf and the bottom layer
    •    You will not have brown urine stains
    •    There will be no digging areas with the artificial turf
    •    Pet turf resembles grass more than Astroturf, therefore it doesn't look so fake

Warding off Digging

If you choose to keep natural grass instead of pet turf, you will have to figure out how to deter your dog from digging up the entire yard. Natural grass simply does not prevent a dog from digging, so you will undoubtedly have holes throughout your yard, making for an unsightly place. Here are a few ways you can calm an excitedly digging dog.

1) Provide plenty of exercise for your dog. When your dog gets regular exercise, he/she will tend to be a lot more relaxed. This can result in less anxious digging and help solve that problem.
2) If your dog is digging on only hotter days in search of a cooler underground area to lie in, create an area that will be naturally cooler. Place some dog-friendly toys and activities in a shaded area, so your dog will be lured to that area to cool off.
3) No matter what you do, some dogs will simply dig no matter what. Set off a special area in which your dog is allowed to dig as much as he/she needs to. You can even camouflage that area by low bushes or garden statues to make it less noticeable.

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