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Creating a Happy Napping Spot for Your Cat – With Less Hair on the Furniture!

Creating a Happy Napping Spot for Your Cat – With Less Hair on the Furniture!

Cat owners know that their beautiful pets are going to nap in the house. Especially if they spend the night outdoors, they’ll spend most of the day napping on the couch, or a cushioned chair, or perhaps even a bed. Cat owners also know that the least likely spot for a cat to sleep is in a cat bed that the owner has put out for her on the floor. Whether it’s because they don’t want to look like dogs or because they’d rather settle down in a spot that puts them at a height advantage, cats usually find napping spots that wouldn’t have been their owners’ choice.

Cat Hair and Other Hazards

The disadvantages to Kitty’s preferred napping spots include lots of cat hair on the furniture and claw marks where she kneads the upholstery before settling down. You may find yourself pulling out the vacuum cleaner daily to try to control the hair. There’s less you can do about the pulls in the surface of the couch upholstery, once it’s done. Even if your cat loves her scratching post, she’ll still use her claws as she circles and kneads the surface in preparation for her nap – it’s just in the nature of the cat.

The Danger of Preparing Napping Surfaces

What’s to be done? Your first thought might be to put an old towel or blanket down on the cat’s preferred spot so that it can collect the hair and take the clawing. Unfortunately, the most likely outcome is that the cat will find a new spot for napping. Cats have a love of routine, which you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to change brand of cat food suddenly.

A cat is likely to think that your addition to her favorite napping spot, no matter how soft and comfortable it is, makes an unwelcome intrusion on her routine. So she’ll go drop hair on your kitchen chair, instead. You’ll have to be a little more subtle than that to fool the cat!

How to Prepare a Napping Surface that Pleases Everyone

You will find that the best way to introduce the old blanket or towel to your cat’s favorite napping spots is gradually. First, just leave the blanket casually near the favorite spot – on the next sofa cushion over, or draped over the back of the chair. Then, observe for a while. Your cat will be uncertain at first, but will soon settle down as normal. Within a day or two, you may spot her leaning up against the edge of the blanket or using the old towel for some of the pre-nap kneading. Then you’ll know it’s time to move forward with your plan.

Gradually, over a day or two, move the blanket so that it covers a bit, then a little more, and then all of your cat’s favorite spots. Soon, she’ll be nestled down happily in a fold of the blanket, and you’ll be happy that the cat hair isn’t getting on the cushion. When the cat isn’t there and you’re ready to use the couch or chair for people, just make sure you have a basket stationed nearby where you can carefully place the rolled up cat cover so that it doesn’t dump all the hair on the floor. Just remember to put it back before the cat comes back for another nap! And wash the covers frequently so that you can keep your cat happy and your house clean at the same time.

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