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Common Problems with Pets

There are a few commons problems that pet owner’s experience. These include disobeying orders such as not coming when called, constantly biting, excessively barking or howling or escaping the property. Besides being generally annoying, these habits can land an owner on the wrong side of the law if an animal escapes and ends up biting a child or killing another animal. 

How to Prevent Disobedience

Many owners enjoy taking their dogs for walks in the neighborhood or to the local park.  The problem arises when the owner decides to unleash the dog to roam free.  Your dog considers this as acceptable behavior so returning to you is not an option. Being punished when he does return then further enforces avoidance habits. Re-training then involves encouragement in the form of kind words, a pat or treats. Treats are always affirmative of good behavior as an animal is highly motivated by food. The key is to be consistent in your behavior and your rewards so that your pet does not become confused.

Teaching your Pet to Stop Biting

Your puppy naturally bites as part of the growing up process. Often however they are removed from their mothers too soon and don’t have the chance to learn proper socializing behavior. It is then best to get your puppy familiar with humans and other pets before four months to curb this destructive habit. However this needs to be encouraged with trust rather than punishment. 

How to Curb Excessive Barking or Howling

It is important for a puppy to become accustomed to being left alone. Therefore you must ensure that it has sufficient food and water to cater to its physical needs, whilst several toys will help to keep it happy and occupied. Do not reward howling or whining, but do ensure that the reason for this is not because it is insufficiently stimulated. It may also be that your dog is hungry, sick or needs to get outside to do its business. Check that you have met its needs sufficiently before resorting to punishment.

How to Avoid your Dog Escaping your Property

Having your pooch escape the property is potentially extremely dangerous both physically and from a legal aspect. Again the owner needs to ensure the pet’s needs have been met in the case of sufficient food and water. Providing a lot of entertainment while you are away from home in the form of toys is essential.  If a dog is happy at home, the chances are that he will stay at home. For this to happen, the owner needs to provide his pet with a lot of exercise and play time to get rid of all that pent up energy. This is especially true if it is a young healthy animal. If you can’t keep up with your pet, a half hour on the treadmill may provide a lot of amusement and exercise for your dog and ensure that he remains well-balanced and happy.

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