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Choosing a Dog Bed- Different Types of Pet Beds

Choosing a Dog Bed- Different Types of Pet Beds

In as much as you would love your new pet, you certainly cannot welcome it to your bedroom. There is the warmth o enjoy but there are also some health reasons, why you cannot sleep in the same bed with your pet. Instead, you need to find a bed suitable for your dog. It can be overwhelming to find the right bed for your pet, owing to the many types and shapes available. Regardless of whether you are considering a DIY bed or a designer, you should use the sleeping style of your bed, to k now the appropriate size and shape your dog’s need. To begin with, depending on the style of sleeping, there are two broad categories of dog beds. First, there are curl dog beds. In this division, we have the pillow dog bed. These take a rectangular, square or a round shape. Just like your pillows and cushions, the beds are soft. Mostly, they are stuffed with foam and cedar chips, to fight off fleas. However, if your dog exhibit allergic symptoms, you may have to veer off, those cushion beds containing cedar chips.

The next type is donut dog beds. They are oblong in shape, comfortable and able to accommodate the curl sleeping style. The edges are raised to ensure your dog stays in position, when it is resting. Dome dog bed on the other hand, resembles the aforementioned enclosed beds; just that it features a top part and only a small opening is left to allow the dog in.
The second category of dog beds comprises of beds, which facilitate comfortable sleeping for dogs that stretch. A dog mat represents one of these beds. It is suitable for offering a nice resting place during the day or for lining a dog kennel. Dog mats prevent the pet from lying on a cold floor. They feature a lean layer of foam ensuring comfort. On the other hand, a dog mattress resembles your mattress. It is larger and rectangular. It is also soft, a relish for dogs that stretch when sleeping.

Other beds are specially designed to offer comfort to dogs, which interchange between the two sleeping styles. Specialty beds are designed just as human furniture. A sofa style is great for your dog, if he sleeps curling and sometime stretching. This provides adequate space for the pet to stretch and raised edges to enable it to curl. If you have a senior dog or one that is suffering from hipdysplasia or arthritis, orthopedic dog bed, will be perfect. They are made in all the types discussed above, but the materials differ. Orthopedic beds are usually formed with memory foam, which is sturdy and comfortable while helping to support joints. Another specialty dog bed, which will be important during the cold weather, is the heated bed. Dog beds are a great reward for your pet’s loyalty and love. However, remember to consider the size of the bed since you will be bringing in the bed in your home. Consider the space you have and the size of the dog, when purchasing the bed.

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