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Cats at Play: Sharpen Your Pet's Feline Instinct With These DIY Projects

Cats at Play: Sharpen Your Pet's Feline Instinct With These DIY Projects

Cats at play mimic the hunting instincts of the wild feline. It keeps them alert and ready to pounce on any prey  - whether mouse or red laser dot – at the right moment. These DIY projects will help your cat maximize their instincts with minimal cost to your wallet.

Climbing tower with a bookcase

Cats typically perch in high places to survey their prey. Climbing towers give good practice. Choose a bookcase with shelves proportional to the size of your cat. You save money using an old bookcase. Cut a hole in each shelf. No hole should line up with another. For safety, secure bookcase to a wall and shelves to the bookcase. Now your cat is ready to perch. Bonus: Line the shelves with carpeting. This will reduce scratch marks and bring your cat more comfort.

Box of curiosity with a tissue box, tissue rolls and string

We all use tissue so this project is virtually free. All you need is the patience to save multiple tissue rolls. Cut your tissue box in half horizontally and make two small holes in the back of the box. Pull the string through the holes and tie around an anchor to keep the box in place. The anchor can be any piece of furniture as long as the box stays on the floor. The box should be positioned so that the inside faces you. Fill the box with tissue rolls. Tip: Keep the toy together by gluing the rolls to the box and to each other. Curious as cats are, your cat will explore what appear to be deep dark holes. Bonus: Place treats in some of the rolls. This creates suspense as your cat tracks down the treat's scent.

Scratch Museum with carpet samples and wooden frames

Every feline needs sharp claws. Where scratching posts may stress you financially, a scratch museum relieves. Start with a carpet sample and a wooden frame of the same size. Glue the carpet sample edges to the inner frame. Once dry, tape the frame to your wall at a height your cat can reach. Repeat with multiple samples and frames. Post your museum in a cat-designated area, distracting your pet from other furniture. Alternative with free carpet samples and a cutting board: Combine smaller samples in a design glued to a cutting board. Make the design of your cat's favorite prey.

Puzzle Box with food container and toys

Use a wide container deep enough for cat to pull paws in and out. Cut a minimum of 3 holes in the lid. Be sure to burn the edges of each hole you cut or you may hurt your cat's paws. Once the lid is safe, choose some small toys - old or new - to put into the container. Close the lid and watch kitty hunt through each hole. Bonus: Insert your cat’s favorite treats. The smell will entice them and the reward is greater!

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