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Cat health – tips and tricks for a healthy, clean and happy kitten

Cat health – tips and tricks for a healthy, clean and happy kitten

All of us cat lovers out there know that our furry loved one has to always have everything he needs in order to be energetic, lively and happy about his playground. This is up to you to provide for him to be in the best of shapes. And then, having fun together is certain to happen!

What are “must have” items?

As with every little creature that you allow living inside your house, provide shelter and care for it, your cat has some basic needs that you must take care of for him/her to be healthy. Most basic are fresh water and food, but there is also need for a litter and a small napping place. Fresh water and food are really important, so that your furry friend can quench his/her thirst whenever need arises, and also to be able to eat to keep his strength and heath. You don’t want a canary chase throughout the house, do you?

Beware of excesses

Out of love and care, many of us don’t want our cats to miss anything, so we just let them a lot of food in their bowl. That’s really BAD for your kitty’s health, as they tend to overeat when they have excess food and obesity slowly sets in. Remember that cats have to be agile and able to play and climb all the time. Just think of the old saying:”no cat is born fat”. So it’s mostly our fault if the furry loved one has put on some extra weight.

Always keep clean

Needless to mention, cats are majestic pets, and they always like to be clean and to keep clean. But they also NEED to be clean in order to be healthy. Usually there’s not much you can do about this, aside from cleaning the litter daily, but sometimes your furry friend needs a little bit of help. This might happen especially if your cat has long fur, as it tends to form fur balls from time to time. You just need to brush his fur a little, and untangle all the fur balls it may have, so everything is in order. Once in a while a bath is also necessary, but you should be careful if it’s the first time for your kitten, as it can be a really traumatizing experience for him. Remember to always use a special cat shampoo and hot water (not too hot though). And be sure that his fur is well dried before leaving your kitten back to his daily activities.

Vet is not the last resort

Lately, more and more of us started to think that going to the vet is needed only if there’s something wrong. Well, THIS is as WRONG as it can get. You should always take your kitty to the vet at least every couple of months. Usually a healthy looking cat is a healthy cat, but there can be some cases where a hidden condition becomes visible to us only when it is too late. Fortunately, visiting a vet regularly will ensure that these kinds of events never occur, and you will know everything there is to know about your furry loved one’s health.

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