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Cat Hair Everywhere: Searching for the Ways to Fight It from Diets to Cleaning

Cat Hair Everywhere: Searching for the Ways to Fight It from Diets to Cleaning

All cat owners are familiar with one common problem – everything gets covered with cat hair. Of course, there is nothing pleasant about it: the hair sticks to the clothes and furniture; it is left on the carpets and can be easily found on the dinner table. This hair can get into food, and some might develop allergy to it.

Well, hairless cats surely might be a great solution – you don’t have to do anything about the fur if you have one of those felines. However, these cats are quite expensive, and not everybody really likes them. Having a cat at home usually means that you have to deal with its hair all around the place. Of course, there are ways to minimize the amounts of it.

Cleaning your place

You will have to remove hair from carpets, furniture, and clothes, and this requires some effort from you, as well as time resources. You must pay attention to the fact that animal hair is electrostatic, which makes it hard to get rid of with just a cloth. On the other hand, you can make a good use of this property. For example, it is more effective to use an electrostatic mop to clean the hardwood floor. You also shouldn’t forget to use anti-static liquid along with polish to wipe the furniture. Spraying furniture with a mix of water and fabric softener often helps.

There are interesting ways to remove the hair, for example, some clean their carpets with dampened rubber gloves. If you don’t want your carpet wet, you might look for a pumice stone, which helps extracting hairs from the carpet. For everything else, use a good old vacuum cleaner and a lint roller. The latter goes well with clothes too, as well as putting your clothes to the dryer for some time.

Grooming your cat

Brushing is essential for any domestic animal, especially for ones with long hair. Furry cats need this procedure once a day, and cats with shorter hair just once a week. Brushing helps getting rid of the old hair that falls out; besides, it serves as massage to an animal giving them enjoyment and stimulating better blood circulation. A grooming session cannot be too short: give your kitty some delightful time. Besides, hair should be brushed out in several stages. It is recommended that you use a metal comb first, then a rubber brush, and then an extra soft brush for more sensitive areas.

Take care of your cat’s health

If your cat is losing more hair than usually, then it me be a symptom of some health problem. Extensive hair loss can be related to allergies, parasites, bacteria, hormone imbalance or psychological stress. In case of those you should immediately to a vet. If hair loss is within normal limits, but more intense than usual, then you should ensure a well-balanced diet for your pet with enough nutrients, minerals and vitamins.


These are three main tips for those who have a cat and suffer from the fur problem: do a lot of cleaning, take care of your cat’s health, and do a lot of grooming. However, no matter how well you tend to your creature, there still will be fur everywhere. This means you must think of some effective way to organize your environment to diminish the possibility of hairs getting stuck all around the place.

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