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Caring For Your Pot Belly Pig

Caring For Your Pot Belly Pig

Over the years, pot belly pigs have become a popular pet to have. These pigs are very smart, good-nature and can be trained. Even though most people think of pot belly pigs as being rather small in stature, some can in fact weigh up to 200 pounds at the prime stages of life.

1) Bonding
People like to bring pot belly pigs into their family because they tend to be rather friendly. They will develop a close bond with the family members. It is important that you take the proper steps to socialize your pig. As you incorporate your new pet into your family life, you will be able to cuddle and hold your pig more often. Just be patient when you first bring home your pig because he/she may be cautious and not want to be held so much. However, just like any other pet, your pot belly pig will learn to enjoy your cuddles and even request them.

2) Training
In order to house train your pot belly pig, you can use the same methods that you would do with a puppy. Every few hours during the day, take your pig outside for the bathroom. The most important times to go would be after he/she eats and after your pig wakes. Whenever you take your pig outside, say the same phrase to him/her so it can become familiar. This will positively reinforce your pig that when he/she goes to the bathroom outside, it is a good thing.

Pot belly pigs also use litter boxes in some cases. Pigs prefer to go to the bathroom outside, but if you find it necessary to train him/her to use a litter box, you will have no issues. Keep in mind that you have to use a litter box that is larger than a normal cat box. Don't use litter, but instead place newspapers and wood bits in the box. Remember to keep the litter box away from their food.

3) Housing
It is important that you bring your pit outside on a regular basis in order to work off some energy. Pigs need to be able to root around outside. Take them out at least one time during the day for play and exercise, at the very least.

If your primary location to house your pig is outside, make sure that he/she does not get too cold or too hot. Your pet should be protected from the elements to make it a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Give your pig plenty of blankets to sleep on and provide an enclosed area for him/her to rest in. If it is too hot out, pigs love to wade around in a kiddie pool to cool off.

4) Feeding
While pigs will tend to eat just about anything, it is important to monitor what you feed your pet. The best food to give is a special pig food that will allow your pig to remain healthy and get all the nutrients he/she needs. Pot belly pigs also love fruits and vegetables along with their pig food. In order to find the best food, check with your local veterinarian about what to feed your pig.

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