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Caring for a pet rock

Caring for a pet rock

If you have decided to take a rock as your pet, know that you will need to care for it just like any other pet. The question that arises is how you care for a stony-faced silent pet while you do not know when it is playful, tired, mad or hungry. You may be wondering how to clean, play with or feed the pet. Below are tips of how to care for a pet rock.


Considering that the pet does not have a mouth and cannot feed on physical objects, give it food for its senses of touch, smell, hearing and sight. Get the rock something that smells nice for it to smell. You can also allow it to smell your food. You can make for it a potpourri so that it can smell, by adding orange or lemon peel to cloves. Also include lavender, rose petals or mint to the mixture.

Allow it to see you working on the snacks and you can still print or paint a nice picture for it to see. Entice its sense of smell by playing for it music such as classical or pop music. Let it feel the texture board that you have made by rubbing it on the board.


Your rock pet needs bathing for it to remain clean. Put water in a small cup and add liquid soap. Dip a cloth or a sponge into the mixture and use it scrub the pet for about three minutes. You may also use your hands to scrub it.

Dry it with a clean cloth and allow it to rest.


Make a house for the rock pet using a shoebox. Cut a window on the side of the box. Place a matchbox in a corner inside the box and fill it using materials such as cloth, cotton or newspapers.

Glue small felt material at the box bottom to act as a rug. You can make a couch using a beanbag or filling a purse using cotton and place it on one side. For a table, take sturdy material and place it over pebbles.

The house would not be complete without a dining room, in which you can place a potpourri in a corner. Paint the house color depending on the breed of the pet and it should the same color on the carpet. Remember to play some music to give the house the right mood.

Taking the pet with you

You can take the pet on nature walks, on vacation and to school. Make a house for it such as a small box or a purse. Put it in your backpack so that you do not lose it. If you are going to foreign and dirty places, take care so that the rock does not get sick from lichen, moss or fungi.

Remember to involve your rock pet in your social life. Have sleepovers and go with it. You can sleep with it in your sleeping bag. Give it a spa treatment by bathing it in hot water mixed in flower petals and bubble mix. Massage it with Vaseline by rubbing its nooks.

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