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Building a gate for your dog

Building a gate for your dog

You love your dog pet, but sometimes you would like it to stay put in one place without disturbing you or your guests. You can achieve this by the use of a dog gate, which you can place at a door.

•    Materials needed

The materials below are for building a two-section gate of 24 by 26 inches.
o    4 Legs measuring 1x2 x26 inches
o    6 crosspieces measuring 1x2x22 ½ inches
o    8 spindles measuring 1x2x10 ¼ inches
o    8 stiles measuring 1x2x12 inches
o    8 rails measuring 1x2x19 ½ inches
o    4 feet measuring 1x2x6 inches
o    2 oak veneer plywood measuring ½ x12x22 ½
o    8 panel molding customized to size

•    Procedure

Cut the pieces

Smooth the lumber with a sand paper before cutting. Cut the 1x2s to the desired length with a miter saw and the ½-inch plywood with a circular saw.
Fit the gate by laying the legs and placing the crosspieces horizontally between the legs. Sandwich the spindles vertically between the top and center crosspiece. Place the panel at the center of the middle and lower crosspieces and lay the stiles and rails at the panel’s border.

Fit the spindles

Mark the locations for the spindles on the top and bottom crosspieces while laying them together. Glue the ends of spindles and place them between the top and center crosspieces. Use bar clamp to hold everything together and tighten the clamps for the glue to set. To fasten the spindles to the crosspieces, make pilot holes from the crosspieces to the spindles with a drill and 3/32 inch bit. Drive 1 ½-inch screws into the holes. Fit the legs by applying glue to the crosspieces ends, clamp and drill pilot holes of 3/32 inches from the legs to the crosspieces. Attach them using 1 ½-inch screws.

•    Fit the panel

Place the panel between the legs and the middle and bottom crosspieces. Screw the legs and the bottom crosspiece. Fit the panel by nailing it to the legs and crosspieces using 1 ½ inch nails. To fit the rails and stiles to the panel, apply glue to their ends and outside edge and on the panel. Put them in place and secure them by nailing 1 ½ inch nails through the crosspieces and legs. Cut the trim and fit it into stiles and rails using 1-inch nails.

•    Fitting the feet

Mark the location of the bolt on the underside of the feet and drill a hole using a ¼-inch bit. Drill a hole, 2 inches deep into the underside of the legs using an 11/32 inch bit. Insert a ¼-20 nut into the hole with Allen key. You should do this for all the legs and feet. Attach feet by pushing connector bolt through the foot’s underside to the nut placed in the leg. Tighten with Allen key. The foot can be in two legs so the gate can fold up when it is not being used. Make the other side of the gate and attach the two sides using three 1½-by-¾-inches hinges places at the top, middle and bottom.

•    Finish

Finish by filling the holes left by nails using wood filler and then sand the gate. Use your preferred coating.

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