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Acclimating Two Dogs for Peaceful Coexistence

Acclimating Two Dogs for Peaceful Coexistence

Dogs know how to defend their home and territory. If you intend to bring home a new dog, high chances are that the old dog with try to defend its territory, and this may cause fights and aggressive behavior between the two dogs. Therefore, it is important to introduce the dogs properly to acclimate them so that they can coexist peacefully with to aggressive behavior or violence.

Choose a location to introduce the dogs

The location where the dogs are introduced should be neutral so that the dogs do not become territorial. For instance, introducing the two dogs at home may lead the old dog to display aggressive behavior to the other dog. Choose a neutral location where the dogs have never been such as the park or the backyard of your friend. This way, no dog will feel entitled to defend its territory. In case you get the dog from shelter home, you may be required to introduce the dogs there before taking them home. Take the dogs to the introduction location separately. You can take the new dog and tell someone else to bring the old dog to the location. Make sure that the dogs are on leashes so that they do not attack each other in case of aggressive behavior.

Walk the dogs

Walk the dogs in a single file instead of doing a face-to-face introduction. Walking the dogs this way will reduce the emotional intensity of the dogs by stimulating companion hunting nature. Let your partner walk one dog ahead and then you follow with the other dog. Make sure that you walk closely behind them so that your dog is just behind the other dog.
Keep walking closely. Your dog should start sniffing the dog ahead from behind as you walk. This may cause the dog in front to pause when it senses the sniffing, but you should continue walking. After the sniffing, change the walking positions such that you and your dog are in front, and the other dog is behind. This will encourage the other dog to start sniffing your dog. Keep walking as you change positions until the two dogs have the experience of walking at the front and at the back for a number of times. This will help the dogs to become acclimated to each other and familiar to one another.

Walk those 30 minutes at the least so that they can have more time to learn each other. This way, they will have more time to establish contact and to build their companionable relationship. The more they relate, the better it will be so that they do not fight when they get home. To encourage the good behavior, give the dog’s positive praise if they act friendly to each other. This is by petting them or by giving them verbal praise so that they can continue getting along with one another.

Take the dog’s home

The walk will let the dogs to become familiar with one another and they will be relaxed. This will help them to coexist in the same environment without being aggressive.

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