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Tips on Installing New Window Trim

Tips on Installing New Window Trim

Often the wood that makes up the trim surrounding windows gets damaged and this can make the room look bad. Some homes do not have wooden trim around the windows at all, but have sheetrock wrapped around the windows forming the window casing. Replacing existing trim can help you create the look you want your home to have.

The first thing you must do is decide what type of trim you want. Different woods, like mahogany, yellow pine, cherry, or birch, can create different looking trim boards. You can also buy new trim boards that are crafted from a foam composite so that it looks like wood. This foam trim can be an inexpensive alternative to wooden trim boards.

You will need to take accurate measurements before you begin to shop for wood, or cut the boards you have bought. It is wise to measure the length you need twice before you cut. Trim is not forgiving and must be cut to the exact size needed.

When you are installing your new window casing trim, you might discover that your walls have dips in them that make it impossible for the new boards to lie completely flat along the edges of the window. You will need thin strips of wood to use as fillers so that you can make your casing board lie level. Once the thin filler strips have been glued into place you will be able to add some joint filler, and sand them, then paint the trim, and no one will ever know that they are there.

On the outer edges of the window casing the trim can be mitered at the corners to make it fit together like a picture frame does, or you can leave the pieces squared and make rustic looking window trim. This is simply a matter of how you want the windows to look when you are finished, and what your decorating style is.

You need to install the bottom piece of trim first, and then install each side piece, and then the top piece. You will need to use a straight edge to make certain that you get the pieces hung level against the window casing. You might have to adjust the piece a little away from the edge of the window to get it perfectly even, but you can cover these discrepancies with putty and paint later on. It is important that the outer edges be level on this type of trim.

It is advised that you glues these strips in place only if you have to. Glue adheres well, but if you ever need to remove the trim for any reason and it was put up with glue you could damage the drywall in the removal process. You will want to use small brads to hold the pieces of trim in place and make certain that you counter sink them so that you can apply putty over them and hide them from view. It is important that you use paintable putty when you are filling in nail holes in trimming boards.

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