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Tips on how to hang wallpaper

Tips on how to hang wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper changes the feel of a room and allows for an easy change of surroundings. You can also add style to the room by having only one wall covered with wallpaper to create an accent wall instead of covering the whole room. You do not have to be an expert to get the desired look. All you need to do is to follow the DIY tips provided on cleaning the walls, preparing the wallpaper and on hanging.


You will need wallpaper that is enough to cover the wall, pencil, measuring tape, level, a pair of scissors, putty knife, paint roller brush and wallpaper primer.

Clean the walls

Clean the walls and apply a coat of wallpaper primer using a paint roller brush to ensure that the wallpaper sticks to the wall. Allow the primer to dry. For old walls, you need to wash, dust and remove old paint. If there is old wallpaper, remove it using a wallpaper remover and a blade before applying the primer.

Determine the starting point

Once the primer is dry, decide the starting point. This is the point at which the first and the last strip of the wallpaper will meet. Though both strips should match, it is best to have the starting point at an area, which is not the focal point of the room because of mismatch. This should be behind a door or in a corner. On the starting point, draw a vertical line and use a level to ensure it is straight. The line will be used to place the first wallpaper strip.

Cut the strips

Based on the length of the wall, cut the wallpaper and add a few inches both at the top and at bottom of the strip. Make sure that the patterns are matching as you cut other strips.

Prepare the wallpaper for hanging

After cutting the stripes, the wallpaper needs to be prepared for hanging. This is by applying the wallpaper paste if the paper is not pre pasted using a paint roller or a pasting brush. For pre pasted wallpapers, you need to activate the adhesion by moistening the surface using a damp sponge or dipping in a water tub. Make sure you follow the manufactures instructions.

The wallpaper may require booking to allow the paste to cure without drying out. This is done by folding both ends of the pasted paper to the middle. The paper can be folded again in half and you should be careful not to cause sharp creases. Let it sit for five minutes before hanging it.

Hang the paper

Unfold the wallpaper starting with the top half and place it from the ceiling. Ensure that the paper is lined with the leveled line and leave a few inches at the top and bottom. Unfold the bottom part. Smooth the wallpaper with your hands or smoothing brush to remove air bubbles.

Trim excess paper

Hold the wallpaper down using a putty knife and trim the excess of the paper both at top and at the bottom using a razor or a knife. Remove any residual paste from the ceiling and on the wallpaper. Continue the process with the rest of the strips until the room is covered with wallpaper.

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