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Tips on adding personality to a room

Tips on adding personality to a room

A personalized room or house makes one feel as if they know the person living there. It is a good way of interacting with people who can know you and your taste even when you are not in the room. The tips below show how you can achieve that objective. You only need to use the things that matter to you to make that room to portray your personality.

Decide on the theme of the room

Select the theme of the room depending on your likes. For instance, if you like football, you can use football items to decorate the room and reinforce the theme. Other ideas that you can use are gardening items if you like gardening, camping and aeronautics among others. Some of the themes can be bold, floral, serene or industrial.

Select your favorite colors

Make sure that your room is decorated in your favorite colors. These colors should be on the walls and furniture. You can use different shades of the same color to give your room the personalized and sophisticated look.

Plan and gather the items you will use

After you decide on the theme and the color, plan how you will arrange the items and gather them together. This will make it easier when arranging them in the room. You should have the final result in mind when planning.

Use the collection of items to create the focal point

For a room to be personalized, your room’s theme should be about you. It should portray art or objects that matter to you. Make a collection of these items such as musical instruments, dolls or even football items in case you are a football fan. You should make these objects the focal point of the room.

Choose one piece of the item and highlight it

Did you win a trophy from a football match or bought an antique that defines you? Select one item or special piece, arrange other items such as furniture, and focus lighting on it to highlight it.

Add family photos

Family photos give information about the family members and they are still reminders of events that have happened. Collect photos from several generations and put them in a frame. Ensure that the colors coordinate and you can also use uniform colors. The photos can be arranged on the main wall to create a form of a gallery and you may surround them on windows and doors.

Decorate the room with souvenirs

If you like traveling, you may have come across items that remind you of the places you have been. Decorate your room with those souvenirs and choose colors that portray where they are from. Ensure that the wall coverings that you use are reinforcement to the theme of the souvenir. Remember to have the theme color in mind when making the decorations.

Include your art in the room

Are you an artist? There is no better way to show personality in a room than having your art in a room. Create the art for your room while putting into consideration the main theme and color.

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