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Simple DIY Canvas Art for wall Decoration

Simple DIY Canvas Art for wall Decoration

Walls create the ambience for a room. Hence, the great their look, the more you would want to spend in there. If you think that only children rooms deserve to be decorated, you are wrong. A lovely painting on the wall of your bedroom can accentuate the walls and add some charm to the entire room. Canvas paintings are popular for bringing life to ordinary walls. You do not need to buy them. However, you can make the paintings right within the confines of your home with affordable materials and tools. Weekends are the best for home improvement projects.

Prior creating canvas paintings, there certain tips and tricks, which will guide you in selecting the right things for making canvas, wall hangings.  In addition, there are various methods; you can use to make a canvas that will transform your walls.  Paints also come in different types including acrylic paints, oil paints, encaustic and tempera. Encaustic and tempera are difficult to use.  An ideal paint should remain stretchable and flexible, for a substantial period after drying up. If you are a beginner, oil paints and acrylic will marry well with canvas. Other items that you will need for this DIY project include water jar, brushes of varying sizes, color palette and towels for wiping off the paint.

To give your walls a contemporary look, try making abstract canvas paintings for your room. Use a painters tape to cover certain areas of the canvas and leave out others. In this design, you will result with geometrical pattern. You can do this with any color as long as it blends with the interior décor of the room.  The paintings can be hanged over the headboard of your bed. They can act as the focus of the room.

For a light colored wall, a colorful pinwheel wall hanging will do it some justice.  This you can make with leftover paints of all colors.  Such canvas paintings will make an often plain to look radiant. This is something that does not call for an experienced painter. You only need to play with various color combinations as long as they do not crush. If you love nature, you can bring in some trees right in your study room, living room or along your hallway, the choice is yours. You can make an abstract painting using a tape. Ensure to use a different color to make the canopy and another shade for the trunk.  Colorful duct tape can also make lovely canvas paintings. Just use pieces of different colors in an immaculate and you will certainly fall in love with the results.

If you love flowers and butterflies, or you simply want a spring theme in your home, consider making your own paintings. Start by sketching your favorite pattern and then decorate it. You can also add some writings on the canvas painting such as “Home Is Wherever I am With You” for the bedroom. Your home should reflect you when your guests visit. Moreover, it should be appealing to all the occupants. With the above ideas, you can make yourself lovely paintings, without using a lot of money and effort.

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