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Safety First

Safety First

First time home decorators often calculate the cost of materials, but safety is actually the most important concern. An expensive ride to emergency room will completely blow your budget – or worse. Our list of safety tips will protect you and your budget.


1) Pay Attention

Watch children, pets and your surroundings. Being aware is half the battle.


2) Don’t be a chemist

Mixing chemicals is for chemists so please leave it to them.


3) Research!!

Youtube is a great tool. There are videos that can help you figure out the best way to approach each project and can show you what to expect.


4) Brace yourself. 

A slip and fall can lead to serious injury so keep your area free from clutter. Be sure to brace yourself if you feel yourself falling from a ladder or step stool. It is recommended to always work with a buddy who can keep a steady hand on the ladder while you are working.


5) Protect yourself. 

Eye protection is an absolute must for any DIY project. harsh chemicals are in a lot of materials and protecting your eyes is important.


6) Know when to call for help. 

If you are working on a project and find yourself frustrated or confused it is best to stop immediately and hire a professionlal to get it done before you end up causing more issues that can lead to expensive repairs.


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