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Pleasing the Man & Woman When Decorating the Living Room

Pleasing the Man & Woman When Decorating the Living Room

When it comes time to move in with a boyfriend or husband and you begin decorating your house or apartment together, styles will inevitably clash.  It's destined to happen and there might be a clashing in some rooms more than others.  One area of the home that men and women tend to have strong opinions on is the living room.  Men may not care as much about the bathroom or kitchen decoration, but the communal sanctuary of the living room is usually a point of contention.  Where men want a big TV and electronics and maximum entertainment, ladies usually prefer a more homey environment that doesn't feel as utilitarian.


There are a few ways to get the best of both worlds and satisfy both parties.  First up, designate a spot for the TV, DVDs, video games, etc to be housed.  No one likes ugly wires and open discs lying around, so house your TV above a stand with many shelving options.  Whether they have drawers or are open for baskets, designate these storage areas for the unsightly items that you may not want on display at all times.  It will satisfy both parties and keep the living room looking clean and neat.


In addition, if your TV is wall-mounted or usually in one spot against the wall, you can decorate with frames and pictures around the TV so that it adds some character to the wall instead of a black box just hanging plainly on the wall.  This could create an interesting collage-like effect that gives a little bit of extra character to a wall that is usually dominated by the TV.  You and your partner should pick out what pictures, the sizes, and arrangement so that he won't feel like his space is being encroached upon and you can make the TV wall interesting looking.


Another idea to spruce up the living room that could be gender-neutral and stylish is the addition of up cycled rag rugs as accents or the centerpiece of the living room.  Up cycling and handmade is a very in-vogue trend right now they are something that are quite simple to make and provide an interesting look for any room.  Simply check out your old linen closet or the T-shirts at the back of your closet that you never wear and cut them into long strips.  From there you braid the fabric into a long strand and then sew together in whichever shape you prefer.  This provides an interesting textured look that you can alter and customize as simply or detailed as you like.  They can act as a nice accent for an unsightly blank area of the floor and since they are linen and t-shirt material, they can be quite comfortable for pets or people to lay on.


There are countless ways to make your space unique and interesting and these are just a few.  The key with a living room is to add dimension and accent to walls or area that are traditionally neglected.  Simple wall-mounted shelves behind the couch are another example you can use for anything from books to mirrors to knick-knacks and any other decoration you so choose.  From hanging lights to lamps or even plant-life can help make the living room a space that pleases both parties and is as visually interesting as it is inviting and comfortable to spend time in.


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