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Paint your Bathtub

Paint your Bathtub

After a while, bathtubs can become very dingy and be very difficult to clean. Wouldn't it be nice to save money and not have to replace the entire tub? There is a more cost effective way to make your tub sparkle and shine like brand new in no time. Did you ever think of painting it? If you want a different color tub, you can choose from the basic tub colors of white, almond, bone and black.


The entire process doesn't take too long and it is relatively easy. Of course, painting your tub is not a permanent solution, as paint does wear out over time. However, it is a quick and cheaper fix than replacing the entire tub altogether. It's also better and more attractive looking than keeping an ugly, moldy tub.


You can look in your local hardware stores for a Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit. They are usually sold for around $100, give or take. The best brands to use are either Rust-Oleum or Homax. You can also go online and research which brands have the best reviews. Please note that good ventilation and air circulation is absolutely necessary while you are working with this paint. These fumes are considerably strong. It is almost necessary that you use a good quality painters breathing mask. If you choose not to, you will definitely have burning and watery eyes. Your best bet is to use the mask.


To prepare your tub, first clean it with a mixture of water and bleach. Next scrub the entire tub with a powdered cleaner, such as Comet, and rinse clean. Then sand the tub with a super fine grit wet/dry sandpaper. Rinse again and wipe with a clean, dry cloth and let it air dry for a while.


The Tub & Tile Refinishing Kits are normally a two-part epoxy paint. Mix them together in the one-quart container, as per the directions on the kit. Make sure your kit is for use on porcelain, ceramic and fiberglass, which it will most likely be. Once your paint has been mixed, paint your tub just like you would a wall. Use a small brush for areas that are unreachable with a roller, like the edges. When those areas are done, paint the rest of the tub with a regular paint roller. Find a roller that is specifically made for use on smooth surfaces. As you are painting your tub, you should see a remarkable difference in the color of the tub, even just after the first coat. Once you are finished with the first coat, let it dry completely. You can even bring a fan in to speed up the drying process. It should take approximately 1.5 hours to dry. Apply the second coat exactly as you did the first.


After your second coat has been applied, do not use your tub/shower for 3 days. This allows the paint to completely dry. This paint is incredibly durable, so it needs the full 3 days for it to cure.

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