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Kitchen Decorating Ideas-DIY Project

Kitchen Decorating Ideas-DIY Project




Kitchens are the most frequented rooms in many homes. It is where meals are prepared; meal sharing among the family members is done and entertaining guests. Therefore, it is paramount for a kitchen to be welcoming.  You might have your dream kitchen in your mind already, but your budget is rather restraining. However, upgrading the room does not require you transforming the space from the scratch.  All you need is some creativity, passion and the determination, to see nothing but the best arising from your efforts.  The following are ideas that you can implement, anytime soon to change the overall look of your kitchen.

Good lighting is a prerequisite in any kitchen. Apart from being functional, it should create a lovely ambience in the room. You can supplement your overhead lighting fixtures with some glittering pendants. For instance, a chandelier on top of your breakfast table, small lamp illuminating the counter top or even soft under-cabinet lights, will be perfect. They will not only illuminate your kitchen, but they will also enhance its interior design.

In the kitchen, you will require storage. Find clever ways of storing the things you need within your reach. For example, use a vintage tray to hold spices and oils or use an étagère to display your favorite glassware and platters. In addition, a colorful rock holding utensils will be an asset and an object of attraction, if placed near the stove.  If your kitchen has a backdoor serving as the main entry point, apply hooks to hang umbrellas and handbags. By doing this, you will have improved efficiency and reduced clutter.

One of the fastest ways of revamping your kitchen is by replacing old and worn out hardware.  Glittering pulls and knobs can bring your cabinetry back to life. These are available in all sizes, styles, shapes and finishes. Others that will need to be upgraded include the faucet, paper-towel holder and the wine rack. However, while shopping for knobs and pulls, measure the holes, to ensure your new hardware fits well into the grooves. If you are buying from a nearby hardware shop, consider carrying the old pulls and knobs to the store, you will be glad, you did.

If you do not have enough money to do an overall revamp of your kitchen, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, will not cost much, but it can do wonders.  Nevertheless, it will be unfair, if you leave the cabinets unattended.  Paint the cabinets depending on the color of the walls. Their interiors should carry a contrasting color, to stick out through glass doors.
In a place where you will spend most and invite guests occasionally, comfort is key.  The kitchen should be inviting as well as comfortable. To this effect, select upholstered bench, comfortable bar stools and cushions to soften wooden chairs. In addition, place mats where the cooker is placed, to reduce the strain of long standing.  You will find these mats in all sizes, shapes and patterns.

Finally, this kitchen DIY project will not be complete without a touch of your personality. Bring in your favorite paintings, live plants, herbs, scented candles, window treatments and any other personal inspiration that you have.  You can pick a number of the above ideas or implement all, to come up with your dream kitchen.




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