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How to Make your Small Bedroom Feel Spacious

How to Make your Small Bedroom Feel Spacious

The bedroom is where most people find refuge after a rough day at work. Hence, it should be very inviting to allow for maximum relaxation. For those who own small bedrooms, they sometimes feel as if, the room is so stuffed, to offer any comfort whatsoever. Nevertheless, there is some hope for you, with just a few simple ideas, you can transform that little space into the haven you want it to be. To begin with, it is best if you remove all the clutter, there is in the bedroom. The more items, you got in there the more it will appear cramped.  Get out every furniture piece that you are not using such as that old dresser or any other personal belongings that are taking more space.  The idea is to make the room so clear that when you enter the room, you are able to scan every corner of the room.

While shopping for furniture, consider items that can recline against the wall. Curved furniture may look appealing, but they will take more space.  You can also invest in stands that you can hung against the wall at night, to allow you more room. Talking of furniture, always remember that your bed will be the focal point of the entire room. Hence, a larger bed will only make the room appear congested.  Consider tailoring all the other decorations in the bedroom to the size of your bed including table lamps. In addition, you can install tray ceilings in the bedroom. They add more space to the room.  If you can add these types of ceilings, you will see the space that you will have freed in the end. However, if this is not an option, not to worry since you can give a lighter color to your standard ceiling to make the room appear larger. This works by giving an illusion that the room is spacious.

Getting armoires and dressers that are commensurate with the room’s size will free some space too.  One thing that makes rooms to look small is having furniture that is so large for the space available. You can choose an armoire to hold your clothes as well as hoist the television. This will ensure that the room does not feature unnecessary furniture pieces. Another way that can eliminate clutter in your small bedroom is by coming up with creative ways of storing your belongings. For your magazines, you can keep them in the under bed storage. Moreover, you can use decorative baskets to hold some small items. These will serve two functions, making your room spacious and appealing too.

It is a personal preference to have a TV set in the bedroom. If you choose to have a television, let it be a flat screen kind that can be hoisted on the wall or one that will only take a small place on the dresser. For those who go for stereos in the place of televisions, MP3 stereos are the best options when space is an issue. Last but not the least; choose the colors of the bedroom wisely. Keep away from dark colors, as they will only make your room appear like a cave. In addition, create a focal point in the room, to draw the attention from the rest of the room. This can be your bed or a classy dresser that you adore very much. Decorate it and let it trap all the attention to itself.

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