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How to Make your Hallway Standout

How to Make your Hallway Standout

A hallway is one area in your home, where people frequent.  It is also where visitors see, when they come in your home. Therefore, it matters a great deal, how you decorate and organize, this small space.  There are many ideas that you can use to make your entrance corridor more welcoming and a representation of your sense of style. Hallway decorating does not have to be expensive either, you can use what you have and pick some antiques in the flea market, to come up with an enviable hallway. The first step to a beautiful entrance is removing clutter. Most people leave shoes, coats, keys, gloves and the like in the hallway. Find creative ways of storing these things to minimize obstructions. Coats can be kept in the cloakroom under the stairs. Other items can be placed in a storage bench. If possible, select one with compartments and stack it with baskets and boxes.

When everything is out of the way, bring in a carpet. It should be strong enough to handle the pressure. Paint the walls with a neutral color and choose a rug that is more colorful.  Do not leave the walls plain; add in some zest with catchy wall hangings. The hallway can form the display for all your art collections.  From the pricey ones to the handmade artistic wall paintings, they can do magic to the neutral walls while entertaining your guests on their way in. Another way of decorating a hallway is by using houseplants. Indoor plants have innumerable benefits. From purifying the air to giving your home a natural and fresh look, we cannot underestimate the power of plants in home décor.

You can use them creatively to usher in your visitors. However, choose planters that enhance the hallway too. It is obvious that hallways should be well lit. However, you can select a lighting system that will do more than lit up, your entrance, but one, which will create a lovely atmosphere. Spotlights and wall lights are a trendy way lighting up hallways.  For small spaces, consider installing a skylight. During daytime, make use of the natural light. Applying mirrors along the hallway will make it appear brighter, since they reflect light.

A side table is a paramount component in your hallway. This is where you dump a letter to be collected for posting. You can also place a bouquet of flowers.  The side table does not have to be splurge, you can find one in stores near you or simply order from online furniture stores. Most homeowners drop their office keys, car keys and any other in the hallway. Decorative key holders can make your entrance to appear less cluttered. These can be mounted on the wall. A shoe rack will also come in handy. Choose an antique shoe rack, which will accentuate the space as well as holding your shoes. You certainly do not need a designer, to decorate your hallway. With the above guidelines and ideas, you will hardly go wrong.

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